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Wedding day!


We have just spent a wonderful weekend celebrating our eldest son’s wedding in Buxton. Martin and Hannah were married in the conservatory beside the Opera House on Saturday. It was a beautiful occasion, in a venue which has resonance for us in many different ways. They met there working on a show nearly two years ago. It was lovely and I have to confess I shed a tear or two. I am posting some photos – all from mobiles, as the “proper” ones aren’t ready yet.

Son no 2, Andrew, and daughter, Helen (hidden around corner) setting up for the music. She played piano and he sang.

I’m not sure whether this is immediately before or immediately after the ceremony. As you can see, the mood was relaxed!

This is during the drinks reception before we went through for the reception proper.

This is the only photo I have found that shows either me or OH. We are sitting on the extreme left – you can see my right ear!

Cutting the cake.

The weather was kind and the hotel was lovely. I went on a guided tour of the Opera House on the Saturday morning and found it very interesting. We drove home (only a scant two hours) on Sunday.

I just want to do the whole weekend all over again.

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What a truly beautiful setting for a wedding. Your son and new daughter-in-law look wonderful and SO happy, they really do.

I bet you have been reliving the entire weekend over and over again - I know I did last year when our son got married!

I like your right ear by the way!!!


3 Mar, 2016


Such a lovely setting Sue they look so so happy .

Wonderful memories for you all .

Congratulations to the happy couple.

There cake is beautiful.

4 Mar, 2016


Wildrose, I certainly have! It was a gloriously happy occasion, in a lovely setting - flowers and plants everywhere in the conservatory, then Hannah's mother did the wedding flowers. She arranged jugs and vases with hundreds of multi-coloured Spring blooms - ranunculus, iris, daffodils, roses, carnations etc. - so beautiful. They were all placed in the venue's pantry the day before. The scent was amazing!

Thank you, Kath. Hannah's grandmother made the cake. Every layer was different and it was smothered in fresh flowers!

4 Mar, 2016


Isn't it good now so many of the marvellous venues have the licence to conduct marriage ceremonies, not all couples want a religious ceremony and register offices can be so official looking.
Lovely photo's Melchi, I'm pleased it all went well and that you had a nice weekend.....Congratulations to your son and his new bride, hoping they have many happy years ahead of them..

4 Mar, 2016


Thank you so much, Linclass - yes, it was a lovely and highly appropriate venue for so many reasons. ?

4 Mar, 2016


Oh how lovely, what happy memories
?I wish them happiness and rainbows ?

4 Mar, 2016


Thank you Pam!

4 Mar, 2016


I agree with everyone...what a beautiful setting for a wedding and very personal to them too. That's the best way, not getting married in some official place or church that you never go to. I love it! You all look very relaxed and happy and what a gorgeous cake!! So many flowers, what could be better? Fab-u-lous! :)) Congratulations to everyone involved and I can just imagine the smile still lingering on your faces.

4 Mar, 2016


I also agree with all the above comments, a hearty congratulations to one and all, such wonderful memories...... and that cake!! truly scrumptious....

4 Mar, 2016


Thank you Karen and Dd! I'm smiling right now, just remembering it. It is still constantly replaying at a low level in my mind - such a lovely experience! They had the whole of the Lohengrin Act Three Prelude before the Bridal Chorus - (sung, but recorded I hasten to add!) with a colleague of Martin's cueing the bridesmaids (Martin's young Goddaughters), then the bride. It was glorious and so exciting!

4 Mar, 2016


I have never seen a couple look so at ease and compfortable with each other...a perfect match!

4 Mar, 2016


You cant beat Wagner...except with Mahler of course! ;) But I remember listening to that prelude for the first time in school and it was special. :))

4 Mar, 2016


Thank you, Loosestrife. They certainly make a a great couple.

We're all Wagnerians in this family, Karen!

5 Mar, 2016


My that was some cake ! Are they gardeners ?

5 Mar, 2016


What a lovely wedding in a most beautiful setting.
Congratulations to them .

5 Mar, 2016


Congratulations to the happy couple :)
I'm glad you enjoyed and had nice weather too ...

5 Mar, 2016


Just beginning to be, Diane! They have plenty of plans for their garden.

Thank you, Marjorie. I can certainly recommend the venue.

Thanks Hywel. Having seen that Buxton has had heavy snow and some local roads closed this week, I think we were very lucky!

5 Mar, 2016


Best Wishes to them ! What a beautiful dress she wore and your son looked very smart and the cake !! I remember my daughter saying after her wedding mam I could do it all over again and I agreed with her .

6 Mar, 2016


A former neighbour's grand daughter was getting married in Cyprus. The whole family were going out there, aunts
uncles, grandparents of both sides, the lot.
The neighbour on the far side remarked about this over
the fence. He said " I dont know why they are going to
all that trouble for, they've got 5 kids already ! "

6 Mar, 2016


I showed a friend of mine these pictures of the wedding and she wanted me to let you know that she thinks that your daughter-in-law's wedding gown is " very lovely " .

6 Mar, 2016


I dont approve. Bet she didnt have much change out of
£2,000 for it.

7 Mar, 2016


All those folk going to Cyprus Diane you may need to add another nought!

Each to their own I guess

Yours Mel has brought so much happiness and memories that you can't ever put a price on xxx

8 Mar, 2016


Thank you, Kidsgran.

The Dress was absolutely lovely, a vintage dress which she bought second hand online. Her grandmother completely altered it so that it fitted her. I am glad your friend liked it, Loosestrife - thank you for passing that on.

Lots of wonderful memories, Pam!

8 Mar, 2016


Theres a clever girl, and a clever grandma !

I totally approve of the purchase details. Others may pass them on.

8 Mar, 2016


I just looked at the dress again Mel, gosh what beautiful work, those sleeves all lacy and perfect.....
Its a dream dress ??

8 Mar, 2016


Thought you might approve, Diane! It was a beautiful dress, and the lace was so obviously quite old. My mother is a lacemaker, and was very impressed.

The detail on the sleeves was beautiful, Pam - the pearl beads were lovely.

Oh - how I wish I could live it all again! ???

8 Mar, 2016

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