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Late September


Well – the nights are inevitably drawing in, and for many of us the hoped-for sun hasn’t really materialised to compensate for a pretty challenging year. But today it is beautiful – one of those lovely September days that lodges in the memory to persuade us that this time of year is often one of the best. And it’s a Saturday, which I hope means that lots of people have been able to enjoy it.

I used it to spend time outside doing a few jobs that had been waiting a while. First – just having a good look around at what’s happening.

There’s a lot of blowsy exhibitionism going on, for a start!

This is “Bee Corner”. There have been scores of bees buzzing around here, of all kinds. They love the solidago, and the evening primrose. It all looks untidy, but soon I shall tie it up again and leave the seedheads through the winter.

Many of the containerised plants are still flowering their hearts out. The nicotiana is blooming happily and needs regular deadheading. The non-stop begonias are also still spectacular. The half-barrel shows that we have had plenty of rain!

I think that begonias give a wonderful show for very little. They are so easy to care for, growing larger and fuller right to the end of the season. They might even overwinter if kept in a greenhouse or shed.

I have put the baskets which are beginning to go over into the back of the border. They still have a lot of colour, but also a few gaps where some of the plants (especially lobelias) have finished. They fill a couple of spaces, and the other foliage covers their shortcomings!

The leaves are beginning to flutter down onto the lawn – that’ll be the next task!

Bird seed sunflowers :

There are lots of cyclamen hederifolium popping up:

The skimmias in the front garden hold lots of promise. I use this in vases during the autumn, and for Christmas decorations. They are wonderful combined with holly. I make false holly trees either side of the front door, using wooden stakes and oasis foam. Very convincing!

Down in the wild area everything continues in its placid and imperturbable way. The next “happening” will be the cascade of sycamore leaves onto the ground. I leave most of those. Then, in the new year, there are all the spring bulbs to look forward to – masses of snowdrops, crocuses and wood anemones. I plant more each year, so that’s another job to crack on with.

“It might as well be Spring”

OH gave me a nice cache of GC vouchers for my birthday, and I invested in some new plants.

Achillea Terracotta

Heuchera Marmalade

Heuchera Georgia Peach

Heuchera Fire Chief

My sister gave me these beauties. I have been after them for years, even trying – unsuccessfully – to grow them from seed. She found them at the local Flower Show. What a treat!

A busy garden in every sense. I refreshed a couple of window boxes, removing withered plants and replacing them with violas. Even if they only last a short while, I don’t mind. They were only £2 for 20 plants!

I even spent some time in the front garden, tidying the pots by the front door, and taking out withered lobelias from the half-basket and replacing them with violas. I noticed moss on the path (amazing how I’d missed it in the daily comings and goings!). I shall treat it with washing soda crystals, which I have found to be the simplest and cheapest solution.

It was just so lovely spending a few hours pottering outside. It is always uplifting to see so many flowers continuing into the autumn. I hope they still have a few weeks left in them yet. We shall see…

I have never yet succeeded in “putting the garden to bed” at the end of the season. I rather think that might involve a lot of cutting back of things I like to leave for the wildlife. And I’m afraid I can’t bear to cut things down or empty pots while they are still flowering, so I’m usually caught out by a sudden turn in the weather some time in November! Then it’s too late, and I have two lots of jobs to do in the spring. Oh well …

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Its all lovely - what an attractive garden (And I love your little owl!)

23 Sep, 2012


Your heucheras are making a lovely splash of colour at a low level and your solidago is one of my favourite plants. You know I think I have an awful lot of favourite plants which have done really well this year. You have my kind of garden. Room for everything and everybody.

23 Sep, 2012


so many treasures around your garden melchi, its so pretty and so many lovely colours.

23 Sep, 2012


A most interesting garden. Thank you for sharing.

24 Sep, 2012


Thank you for your comments!

I have a couple of owls, Steragram - this one was given to me by one of my sons.

The solidago is one of my favourites too, Scotsgran. I like it from the moment the leaves appear - they always make such a well-shaped clump. The heucheras are such pretty colours, aren't they? Even OH, who isn't especially interested in buying plants, was keen on Fire Chief!

Thanks, Sticki - there is still lots to see. I hope it will last a while longer.

Thank you, Diane. I have to confess to enjoying blogging very much!

24 Sep, 2012


You have a very nice garden, Melchi. It has so many nice little corners and still many flowers. Enjoy your time there :))

24 Sep, 2012


That was a very nice blog showing your lovely garden ... so full of interesting plants :o) I always grow those begonias. They will fit in anywhere, and are easy to overwinter.
Around your front door looks very welcoming :o) Nice to see a front garden like that :o)

24 Sep, 2012


What a beautiful garden. I feel as if I've taken a walk around, your photos are excellent. ...I also like to keep things going as long as possible..but then try to over winter as many as I can...not always with success!
My dalias and begonias are still in full flower...although I think the weather tipped for this week might give them a battering.
Thanks for sharing your garden :)

24 Sep, 2012


Just seen your earlier blog (busy, busy, busy)..congratualtions on the birth of William...sorry I'm late..I'm sure he's growing fast!

24 Sep, 2012


Thank you Katarina, I am glad you like it :-)

Thanks Hywel! My front garden is presentable, but definitely the poor relation - but I do like to keep the bit round the front door interesting, so I appreciate your comment!

I'm afraid you're right about the weather, Waddy. I'm very glad I took the photographs when I did - it has poured non-stop today, and things are well and truly bowed down under the onslaught! The poor sunflowers which looked so perky have lost half their petals now.
Many thanks for the congrats - William is now 6 weeks old and growing and changing fast. They are coming to stay for a few days in 3 weeks - I can't wait!

24 Sep, 2012


great blog and great garden. i'm with you, i can't bear to take plants out whilst they are still in flower and end up with double thework in the spring ;-)

24 Sep, 2012


What a lovely blog Mel. I really enjoyed the walk around your very pretty garden. It just looks so natural and I can understand not wanting to cut anything back. I do exactly the same.

24 Sep, 2012


Thank you, Rose. It always strikes me as unnecessary to cut things back when they can still serve a purpose!

24 Sep, 2012


I`m with you Melchi, I dont cut back, for one some of the plants can look quite beautiful with the frost on them, I especially like to see the taller sedums when they have gone that rusty brown glistening with frost.
I`ve enjoyed seeing your lovely garden.

26 Sep, 2012


Thank you so much Stroller. It's looking a bit different now, after all the rain! I agree about the rusty colour of the sedums - also astilbe, which looks elegant all through winter, and solidago - although that is more grey. I think they all add something to the garden in winter.

26 Sep, 2012


It takes me so long to tie up and trim our red hot pokers (kniphofia) that I rarely have time to cut anything else back. i like to see the frost and the antics of the birds on the seed heads is better than any tv. show.

27 Sep, 2012


Anything that encourages the birds is well worth it, Scotsgran! I can see the feeding station on the old plum tree from my kitchen window, and it is always very entertaining to see the birds. I have all kinds of tits visiting regularly and they are really amusing. The woodpigeons make me laugh as well, trying to balance on the small branches so they can reach the feeders. I always put one within reach for them, although they usually empty it within the day!

28 Sep, 2012


Your garden is looking very pretty :o)

30 Sep, 2012


Thank you TT - it's suffered a bit over the last week, I'm afraid.

30 Sep, 2012


Autumn nearly here ! :o)

30 Sep, 2012


I have to say that I really love Autumn, though it gets a bit frustrating in the garden - the lawn is too long because it's been so rainy I haven't cut it, and a lot of the late flowers have been stripped off the plants by the rain. But when it is sunny the light is so mellow, and it's lovely to wander around admiring the things that are still providing such a lovely show. The begonias look great, and I've got some lovely tall orangey chrysanthemums just coming out.
The leaves on the sycamores are just beginning to turn, and I am looking forward to seeing the Boston Ivy on the back of the house turn red. So there are still some things to look forward to this year!

1 Oct, 2012


Your autumn garden sounds lovely :o)
I have a lot of winter-interest shrubs, so, in autumn, it's also good to see those coming to life.

2 Oct, 2012


I'm just itching to get outside to tidy up a bit but it's still raining, and the grass is growing and growing! And I've still got bulbs to plant - but I expect (hope!) it'll all get done.

3 Oct, 2012


I don't know how I missed this blog. You have some really nice plants there and there was lots of lovely colour. Smashing choice of Heucheras....

27 Oct, 2012


Thank you, Homebird. I always find it very interesting to look back at old blogs - even just a month old. The garden changes so quickly and it's easy to forget exactly what it was like even just a few weeks ago.

27 Oct, 2012


I like to do a blog once a month more as a record of the garden so that I can see what is usually in flower at certain times of the month. I can also keep tabs on where I put fading fast....

27 Oct, 2012


Tell me about it! I often find myself trying to plant something on top of something else that I've forgotten about. I just love blogging, though - it gives me a completely different view of the garden, and I think "Oh - I do like that!" Having a garden is such a delight and a privilege, and one of the pleasures of getting older. There just isn't the time when one is younger, and it's all a bit of a burden then.

27 Oct, 2012


Beautiful garden with such a lot of colour still. :O)

28 Oct, 2012


Thanks, Barbara! It's lovely to see so many blooms still surviving. Putting the clock back really signals the change in the seasons, though, doesn't it?

28 Oct, 2012

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