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Biennial Event.


That time of year has come around…….a huge job of trimming the neverending row of Leylandii trees at the back of us…….
The man who bravely undertakes this is in his 60s and seems to “enjoy” it!!!
Have included some photos pre and post trimming for you.
At the same time another brave chap (who visits twice a year) was cutting the front boundary hedges…..we feel completely manicured now……
What would we do without them.Worth their weight in gold.

After completion of the back trees job,the pots and seat had to be repositioned……had an idea to position the seat at right angles to the stone wall surrounded with a few pots……..the length of drive would be visually shortened.Will live with that arrangement for awhile!!

Following photo shows the change.One photo was taken in the Summer and the other this week….the foliage does make a difference,I know. Still, roll on Spring!
Would welcome any suggestions on how to improve that grouping.

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Marvellous job of the hedge cutting - wouldn't you hate to have to do it yourself? I'd be terrified up that ladder.

If you are looking for honest answers rather than polite ones I'm not totally convinced about the new arrangement. To me it looks as though you are in the middle of moving things and haven't finished. You might try putting the bench at an angle so as well as shortening the drive it also looks more inviting. Then put the tall plants behind it with the small ones closer together, so it looks more like a natural planting, hopefully with the effect of putting the bench in a little arbour. The pot with the large grass could go close to the left end of the bench just to finish it off? That might fit in more with the general feel of your garden?

Well, you did ask!!

What is the flag please?

14 Nov, 2015


Thanks Stera.......that was most welcome.....I did place the bench at an angle at first but was persuaded to have it at a right angle.Thinking about it,it may return to the previous place!! The weather isn't too kind at the moment in order to do this.......there's always tomorrow!!
Did you see the bird bath on the left?

14 Nov, 2015


I am with Stera re the siting of the bench.. .......I prefer the the original position, if it was me I would put the bench in an arbour, and grow roses and honeysuckle over it, and make a feature of the bench, perhaps set it on some lovely paving too and have large matching containers either side, with evergreens etc.......and yes you did ask lol!!

14 Nov, 2015


That's a good point - the drive presumably is more or less out of sight from the rest of the garden anyway? And don't you need to have access to the garage?

Yes I did see the bird bath - its a lovely one. If it was mine I'd put it somewhere more prominent to show it off!
So glad DD was brave enough to agree - I was a bit nervous about sounding critical as comments on here are so often only positive. But after all we do know what a gorgeous garden is just around the corner here!

14 Nov, 2015


A lovely neat job made of the're lucky to have reliable people to do it.
Have to say, I liked the look of the bench as it was in the summer
A couple of bamboos in pots(one either side of the bench) may go well!!

14 Nov, 2015


LOVE a bit of hedge cutting...although mine are not that big....everything always looks soo tidy after its done.

15 Nov, 2015


It looks brilliant now, that hedge. As you say Julia, what would you do without those guys? I'd hate to be up a ladder with a power tool!

I'm with Stera re. The bench, and I cant resist suggesting a few potted Heucheras to add some ground level interest to the potted arrangement. :)

15 Nov, 2015


Thanks to all of you......each and everyone has suggested very positive possible additions.......have already braved it outside to alter the seat position!!! Really wanted it like that before,but a friend suggested the alternative!
K,I am with you there with
the potted Heucheras......Stera,we do have to leave access to the garage and there is an office behind......maybe a vehicle might be required to reach the end of the drive too........DD,the idea of an arbour there does sound good,but any permanent structure wouldn't be feasible.Sadly!
Forgot to mention,Stera,that is the Welsh flag......has to have pride of place!!
Thank you,Paul re: the Bamboos.They can look so graceful especially beside the grasses.
I always feel arkward giving negative comments too,but nothing is learnt from positives only.
Will post a photo of the seat at an angle tomorrow and invite more comments.......Thanks againx

15 Nov, 2015


There's a difference between negativity and invited constructive criticism and I think most of us on here are sensitive to that. You invited comments Julia. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have said anything because I do prefer to be positive and hold to the old idea that if you have nothing positive to say..then say nothing. And I have learned a few lessons on here in that regard. :)

15 Nov, 2015


I'm very pleased to have received all the agree with all you've said, the past have learnt a lot from your comments.I feel that is the benefit of GOY.

15 Nov, 2015


That is some job.

15 Nov, 2015


Oh my, what a job & how well it has been done. I wish I knew someone that would tackle my horrible field hedgerow.

19 Dec, 2015


Lovely for the garden to look manicured. You've just reminded me, spring 2015 we had some conifers taken out of front garden. I'll put some photos on to show you. Made way for lovely magnolia which flowered well this year - No photo sadly, still there's always next year.

9 Jun, 2016


Look forward to seeing those,R......

10 Jun, 2016

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