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Getting serious!


How do.
Just joined and though I would use this blog to set down my marker.
Really up for it this year. I probably have been before but this time it feels different. A number of projects over the past year are now in place and the year of growing and gardening lies ahead of me.
Things achieved during 2014 include:
- installed a pond – fish and lillies transplanted from the old house and it looks established already

- my first greenhouse – aluminium and polycarbonate job, reasonable size and chance to have a go at tomatoes

- got some chickens and built a coop and run from scratch

- re chickens – installed fences to keep chickens out of main garden (the girls, Flanagan and Allen, can’t half defecate and show signs of having limited regard for my plants)

Objectives for this year:
- keep a diary/journal of what I do when. I think it would be a good way of building up and retaining experience
- want to grow much more veg and improve my own diet in the process
- introduce more structure for climbing plants and fruit trees. The garden’s main border is along its eastern boundary. The western boundary is a hedge, a path and grass – time for a change.
- overhall most of the planting and introduce plants with more of a plan
- get into the habit of taking cuttings and propegating from seed.
- I have a nice secluded area shaded by 3 old apple trees. I noticed it had one solitary snowdrop clump this winter. This could be planted up for next winter to add more interest at that end of the season.

I think I’ll stop there.

As things progress it would be great to use this site as a sounding board and maybe a place for specific tips (one off the top of my head is is it too early to try and take a verbena bonariensis cutting and if not any tips??)

Bye for now.

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welcome to GOY Ludlow lad.
This site is great for recording what you do and when. Your bit of heaven on Earth looks good. love the ladies too.

Blogs are a brilliant way of sharing and you'll find the questions section good too whether you are asking or seeing what others are asking.

lets hope for a good growing year.

20 Mar, 2015


Hi Ludlow lad. Is it worth taking cuttings, my verb bonariensis used to selfseed all over the place, particularly in a sunny bone dry pebble covered area. Havng said that it might be a totally different proposition in the uk. I am on a learning curve here too.

20 Mar, 2015


Good luck with all your projects , Ludlow lad .
We'll look forward to watching your progress .

20 Mar, 2015


Welcome to Goy L'lad, you'll find loads of info amongst the pages and blogs, the question pages are full of very useful knowhow and very often you'll receive an answer amongst other peoples queries, thankyou for sharing your garden I like what I see, enjoy your g'house and good luck with all your plans, will be following your progress ....
Just read your profile, that pond will be a smashing place to relax with a bottle of wine, hoping we all have a good summer to do the same thing.....

20 Mar, 2015


Welcome from me too. I think we need to spend a little time in the summer just enjoying the garden , with or without liquid refreshment! Chickens make such a restful noise when they are just mooching about don't they? It will be interesting to watch your progress with what looks like a great garden.

20 Mar, 2015


Welcome to GOY. If you want to split up your snowdrops, now is a good time to do it just as the flowers fade. Or buy them 'in the green' - I can recommend Eurobulbs as a supplier.

20 Mar, 2015


Remember to shut those chickens in at night. Foxes about.

21 Mar, 2015


Wow! What a friendly place to be. Thanks for all the great feedback.
Resi - my Verbena used to self seed at my old house in the joins between pavings. At new house not so prolific hence will have a go at cuttings.
Lincslass - yes, I christened the pond last year with a few drinking sessions, we had some visits from a massive dragonfly so hoping for a few more this year. Already colonised by frogs and the blackbirds love taking a dip.
Steragram - yes, I love the chickens. I have just spent the day in the garden making a cold frame and they have spent most of the time trying to perch on my work bench. They seem fearless where power tools are concerned. They have been producing eggs all through the winter (without any artificial light in the coop) so it feels as though they are happy. Diannebully - I have gone to town with fencing and chicken wire so hope they are pretty safe.
Andrewr - great tip. Will split them over thnext couple of weeks.

21 Mar, 2015

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