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Greenthumb & Bianca.


By louise1


I realised that i’ve not seen him posting on here for a while – is he still around or is it just me not being here when he does ?
I hope he’s okay.

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I've noticed him missing for a while. There are so many who just disappear. I can't help worrying about them. Maybe it's nothing - maybe he moved to another place or something. But I worry
:(((( :////
Or maybe he's just too "busy" lol

When I saw the title of this blog I thought you were going to say what had happened to him.

11 May, 2011


I am not sure about Greenthumb & Bianca, but I know just Greenthumb, he was not around for a while, then came back not long ago, he commented on one of my pictures :))), is he the one who lives in Alaska?

11 May, 2011


In case anyone is confused, Greenthumb lives in Alaska and his cat is named Bianca.
I hope this helps :o)

His most recent comment was on 25th April, 2011, when he mentioned they'd had a long, cold winter....

11 May, 2011


Right you are Terratoonie, thank you for that! he commented on mine on the 10th April 2011 :)))) Yep, he said long winter, that he has been fine.... :))))

11 May, 2011



11 May, 2011


i noticed he hadnt been on 4 a long time to... must have missed his last comments....

11 May, 2011


oh i must have missed that comment ~ i thought he hadnt been around for a while ~ wasnt he going to move? perhaps he is busy?
also i havent seen much from islander recently??

11 May, 2011


i havent seem GT either louise but i havent seen a few members this year, i guess people have other things going on and arent all like me and open books, maybe he will come back soon, maybe busy at work at GC. not seen his sister either.

11 May, 2011


Thanks everyone, perhaps he's just having a break for a while.

12 May, 2011

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