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On Glen Fiddich-- Reloading Shotshells And The Garden


Lets hope that the beautiful Glen Fiddich in Teds blog does not become a jelly head when he pops it up to look around during hunting season. Which brings to mind to those of you who are, such as myself, heavily into the shotgunning sports both clays and game and reload your own shotshells. You know that from time to time you will have a badly reloaded shell, either primer, crimp or hull, and probably have a considerable collection of these shells which you would never place in your shotgun and are planning a safely managed disposal of them. How you open the hull and manage the wad, shot and primer is your business but what to do with the smokeless powder? You can save it for reloading. Or you can ignite a pile of it in your back yard and burn yourself to death as the late, great shotgunner Wayne Mayes did. OR…you can sprinkle it in your garden, wet it down and turn it in a bit-if you wish. This stuff makes a really great slow release fertilizer for both flowers and veggies. Just something that you might want to keep in mind.

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I don't think the attitude to shooting is the same here as with you, in the countryside farmers are allowed to shoot vermin on their own land as long as they have the correct license.
There are specialist gun clubs.

5 Jan, 2015


Farmer, baker or candlestick maker; if they reload shot shells -this is a way to dispose of gunpowder in a safe way that is helpfull to their garden should they have one. In the USA we have both private game preserves and public hunting areas regulated by the individual states. I myself am a member of a sporting clay club similar to what your great UK champion shotgunner John Bidwell has. Also, I am interested in the collective attitude towards shooting in the UK ( as you put it in saying " as it is here") as opposed to my individual attitude ( as indicated by saying "you"). If you have by reading what I have said that I have a certain attitude about shooting I must say that I voiced no attitude in my blog about the topic of shooting. The topic was gunpowder disposal in the garden and it's benefits.

5 Jan, 2015


Interesting!! not that I am ever likely to have the use of any such powder....

24 Jan, 2015

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