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Tomato's and Cucumbers sorted...The rest is work in progress...


I can relax a bit now, I have planted my toms and cucumbers in their final places, my daughter and sister have already had theirs so I’m going to pot on a few spares ( just to be on the safe side ) maybe even grow some outside just for the hell of it, lol, any left over will go to the compost in the next few weeks, its always a relief when I have that job done, my flowers I class as pottering as they get done in easy stages…

Trying some different varieties this year, Maskotka Cherry instead of G’delight, Hildares and Marmande have replaced Moneymaker and Alicante, hope we like them, only time will tell, my daughter is well into the soup making so we will use plenty for cooking..

In the bottom g’house and also settled for the season my Konsa Cucumbers, not tried this variety before either..

A mixture of Peppers not yet ready to pot on and some Melons.

Never tried to grow Melons, haven’t a clue so been reading up on them, I am also trying Butternut Squash again, now these I have tried before but something ate them before we could, never say die is my motto, lol….
I’ve set my potato’s a couple of weeks back, only a few but this time if they don’t do well its definitely the last time, lol.
Dwarf beans are showing nothing yet, I saved my own seed and also had some given to me so maybe have to buy a packet, plenty of time yet so nothing lost there, I do like my homegrown beans fresh from the garden, cut and grow lettuces are doing well but haven’t sown the second lot yet, mainly cos I’ve put the packet of seed in a safe place and we all know that means buy another packet and then they’ll turn up..
Below we have a selection all homeless at the moment but had to come out of the g’houses as I needed the room..

Its ok I have started trimming and tidying around the borders as some of the spring flowers have gone over so they’ll be in the garden soon, its just a case of deciding where..
Still more coming into flower though so plenty of colour.

Of course I cannot work without a foreman, hows that for a grumpy face…

Plus the playmate….

They are even flowering indoors as well..

All going well so far, hope its the same for you…

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Crikey, do you ever halt Lincs:)
You've some terrific colour and I'm glad you've got the veg sorted.
I was blethering with my neighbour over the fence last night, he was potting on his tomatoes, they were huge. He lost his concentration whilst talking and one of them snapped. How awful did I feel!

6 May, 2014


Nice to see that you've got tomatoes and peppers. I said I'm not going to have any this year, but I think I will try them again.
I'm glad to see you have company too lol ...

6 May, 2014


Scottish I'm sorry but that made me laugh, I have hundreds spare, lol, I hardly see my neighbours these days so no-one to have a natter with, I get right moody when stuck indoors, mind you its easy when retired, don't have to clockwatch..

6 May, 2014


LOL, Hywel I tell myself that every year but once the bug hits its hard to let go, if theres a gap anywhere I'll fill it with something, as to the company they are my shadows, I have to bribe them if going somewhere without them....

6 May, 2014


I bought my toms again from a local nursery, I'll tell you which when 've made a list

I've grown melon, eventually got a couple of small ones, main problem was to get male flowers and female flowers open on the same day!
I think my plants must have been shy :0)
I had to hand pollinate too.....

did better with the squash,
I kept them in pots in the gh and fed like toms, only allowed them to have 2 fruit.
they straggled everywhere.....
I picked the first too early, all the green had gone but it was tasteless almost soapy
so left them on the plants until the leaves withered and died
then kept a bit longer.....
enjoyed them then but won't do it again....

love all the colour in your garden, I like you have to move stuff out to set out my toms......hoping no more frosts.....

7 May, 2014


Crikey Lincs you are a busy bee! Love how your greenhouse and garden looks, so tidy and the flowers are coming on a treat. I have roses in bud but no where as near as yours to opening up, but we are a bit sheltered here by the wood. Lovely morning again so off outside next to see how my seeds are doing. Well done on being so organised - you will have a scrumptious load of tomatoes soon. :O)

7 May, 2014


Wow! That greenhouse is looking great! I am very envious! I am really missing being able to grow my courgettes (they don't do well outdoors here), cucumbers etc. hopefully next year! Everything is looking great!

7 May, 2014


List of this years toms for this year......these are cordons
golden sunrise
sweet 100
ailsa craig
bush I grew from seed
that is a new variety for me as is pearldrops

last year the smaller varieties were a month ahead of the normal size, and supersweet 100 trusses were very long and very sweet

I grow the normal size to freeze for chilli, roasted veg, soup etc.
now it depends on the weather.....even in the gh!

lovely to see your pals in the garden xxx

7 May, 2014


Is Non-Stop your middle name Lincs? i feel quite tired just reading what you've been doing. It makes my three tomato plants look rather pathetic!
That's a grand grumpy pussycat, and what a beautiful coat. (The flowers are good too by the way!)

7 May, 2014


looking great, im behind with my cucumbers, iv only just started germinating mine, ans just got a few tomato plants in a growbag, my other half deals with the potatoes and has wee green bits popping up just now. like you i have done the konsa cucumbers so we will see how we get on x

7 May, 2014


" ... cos I’ve put the packet of seed in a safe place and we all know that means buy another packet and then they’ll turn up.."

Exactly what happened to me not very long ago! In January I bought a packet of Lettuce seeds. I later sowed some in the greenhouse, in a seedtray. Later I transplanted them to the GH border. A couple of months later I searched high & low for the half packet of seeds I'd saved, they didn't appear anywhere so eventually I bought another packet. The old packet turned up a few weeks later - I'd put another seedtray on top of the old packet!

8 May, 2014


You're putting me to shame too, Lincs with your industriousness. I have a seemingly endless list of jobs which doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. You've done so well with all the veg and your garden is looking lovely and colourful too. That's a gorgeous red rose and the ceanothus is looking good.

8 May, 2014


Forced to stop due to the weather, couldn't even work in the g'houses as I've run out of flipping compost, grrr!!! on the plus side I now have a shiny house again as I had time to use the dusters as well as the hoover, lol.....
T'bear I'm not that organised, the colour stain for my sheds and fencing is still hidden away in the garden shed, its only been there for about 4/5yrs, lol, its on my arountuit list, however I have a very tall grandson who often asks if he can do some jobs to earn himself some money so I might just get that sorted this year....

8 May, 2014


Balcony I also have a nasty habit of doing that with my handtools, lol....

8 May, 2014


Just caught up with this blog, and exhausted following all your activities with the veg! Nice to see someone else uses their bench as a plant stand. I love the grumpy face, it's full of character and his playmate is gorgeous too :)

13 May, 2014


I have an aroundtuit you can borrow for a while if it would help...

13 May, 2014

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