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Wrest Park and its Treasures..Come take a Walk....


The park is huge and there are things to see and admire in all directions..
The Bowling Green House..

Built about 1720 for entertaining, altered in 1735 by Batty Langley who was also responsible for the serpentine paths through the gardens and also built one of the greenhouses.
Restored in 2004 and now houses a history of the restoration of the house and gardens.

The Orangery
Built in 1830 used to be home to the finest collection of orange trees in the country…

I wasn’t on my own all the time and I guess its as good a place as any to take a rest.
The little mobility bus in the next pic kept appearing and is used for a tour for those of us who aren’t able to walk around the park but still want to explore.

…………………………………………………………………….. The Pavillion.

Designed and built between 1709-1711 by Thomas Archer, it was used to entertain hunting parties and is positioned at the end of The Long Water aligned with the centre of the house, the views when stood at either end are really lovely ..
I had to cheat on the next two pics as my camera did not do the interior justice..

The view back towards the house..

My turn to sit and enjoy…

It would have been nice to see the fountain working but I guess one cannot have everything..grrrr

Its a grand place and the statues and hideyholes popped up all over the place..

Pet Cemetery, the final resting place of the de Grey’s favourite pets..

A walk by the river, how do you fancy the home over the bank…

Around into the Chinese Garden and see if I can catch up with Sherryl,( its a good job we both have our mobiles with us as we often get separated on our trips out)….

Patiently waiting for Mum, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
No wonder I couldn’t see her, she’s found her own hideyhole…

I’d better include some of the residents, its ignorant not to acknowledge them as they allowed us to intrude on their privacy, I spotted the swans nest when I was on the bridge, they appeared to be very busy, I bet they don’t let people get that close in a few weeks time…..

The trees and shrubs are lovely but some seem to catch ones eye more than others.

A gateway which means its time to go home.

One last lingering look at what turned out to be a wonderful place on a perfect day..

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Thanks Lin . . . lovely blog :)

13 May, 2013


I have just Googled it Linclass. Looks like a good day out.

13 May, 2013


Hi Sue .. great pics !
a wonderful place .. thanks for the tour ..
fascinating to see the pets' cemetery ..

13 May, 2013


lovely place sue and stunning pics, nice to see you relaxed in a garden and not working lol

13 May, 2013


What a lovely couple of blogs enjoyed them so much fantastic architecture, beautiful gardens and so many lovely pictures to enjoy. thank you :O)

13 May, 2013


Thank you for a wonderful blog and excellent photographs.
Saved to enjoy again.

14 May, 2013


lovely - gorgeous place to be :))

14 May, 2013


lovely photos, what a great day out:-)

14 May, 2013


what a stunning place Lincs. Where is it? Oh I could google it. stop being lazy Sbg!

14 May, 2013


What a lovely place and beautifully restored, and so well cared for too, the house and garden look pristine!

Be lovely to see the Orangery in its heyday.......

14 May, 2013


Such a beautiful place Linclass. It is within easy reach from where I live and do not understand how I missed it, as I have visited nearly all English Heritage properties within a 100 miles ratio. I would like to visit it, but I am not sure if I now have the energy and the will to do so.

14 May, 2013


Nice blog....fantastic bridge!!!!

14 May, 2013


What a lovely place and your pictures are stunning, I especially like the water ones with the swans and ducks, the bridge is fanrastic,so pleased you shared this lovely place with us Linda;0)

14 May, 2013


Hi Lincs rain stop work in the garden but have just enjoyed your tour, loved the stone bridge and I could see myself living in the house by the river the one you see peeking thru that huge willow.

14 May, 2013


Thanks all, I'm pleased you enjoyed the blogs, its well worth a visit and one that we will definitely repeat..
Sanbaz I wore myself out last week on our day trips out and about but we enjoyed ourselves, its less tiring digging the garden, lol..........

Thanks for the compliment Snoop but its not a closeup, lol....
Pansy its Sue,lol, you always call me Linda..

14 May, 2013


Paul apparently the idea and design of the bridge is taken from the willow pattern on the crockery...
Stroller I just managed to mow the lawns when the heavens opened, its stopped again now though so going back out, oh to be rich, I do have my willow tree at the bottom of my garden and the pond underneath so with a bit of creative imagination I can pretend.....

14 May, 2013


Most interesting blog, and some wonderful photos to go with it, you were very lucky with the weather also.

14 May, 2013

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