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Sculptures at Burghley..


Part of the enjoyment at Burghley is a wander through the sculptures, set in amongst the gardens they are both weird and wonderful…..

Horrible from the back,

The children like those ones, they represent the elements, push a button and they do magic things..

There are many more set in the grounds, some have been there for years, others are changed regularly…

Usually the deer wander further in the park but at the moment they are nearer the house…

Hope you enjoyed Burghley and her gardens ….

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They've changed quite a few since we went Lincslass. That face used to be set up in the trees so it looked down on you..quite eerie that was. Did they have any still in the lake? When we went two of the best were in there.

2 May, 2011


I don't know about sculptures. I like some and not others. - Well it's the same with everything I think. I wonder what magic things those did

2 May, 2011


nice - same with Hywel - i like when it has a design and these are great -the big shell looking one is my favourite there was some on the news yesterday some yellow doors just stuck in the middle of some woods - which was silly

2 May, 2011


Oh Lincslass thank you very much, they are amazing, I love the scaffold pole ball, it is so so clever, I love all sorts of sculpture. Don't know why but just love it, it doesn't matter whether it is modern or not I love it, it gives such an interest to open spaces. Keep thinking I will treat myself to something tall for my garden which is not a flower, but then I price them up and they are so so expensive I will never be able to afford one. lol. Ah well we can all dream can't we. thank you again, loved the pictures.

2 May, 2011


Thanks for sharing your day and photos. I love the deer pic best :).

2 May, 2011


Tetra there are still two faces and I agree the other one is eerie, they change some of the sculptures so the pods aren`t in the lake now, they have pink hoopy things floating about, not as good as the others.
Hywel, one sprays water, another emits cold air so looks as though its letting off steam, then we have fire, it turns and little red wires appear, another represents new life and little green stems appear as it turns, that sort of thing, I always have a play and set them all going, still being a kid at heart,lol..
Paul I also like the shells, I know they are all works of art but not all that keen on the newer ones, cannot really say I like the ones made of gas piping...
Olive you are very welcome, they used to have one made from childrens toy cars, it was massive and very good, sadly not there now..
They are gorgeous Dawn, some of them will eat from ones hands in the winter, thats when I like to see them with their antlers...

2 May, 2011


That must be very special Lin.

3 May, 2011


I posted a pic a while ago of OH feeding the deer at Burghley..they are SO tame!

3 May, 2011


How nice is that Tet.

3 May, 2011


He has a way with animals, they were like bees around a honeypot!

3 May, 2011


Hmm, I think the first one looks like a giant Allium head! Not a fan of sculpture like this, but we don't all like the same things, do we? Lovely pic of the Deer. Aah!! : o ))

7 May, 2011

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