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I will survive..


Thats the title of one of my favourite songs, its also what I hope will happen with the contents of my greenhouse.
Don`t get me wrong I had already moved most of them into the bottom house but I only heat the top greenhouse and after last years hard winter I figured I`d better be prepared and tuck them up for a while..
So it was big move day and I spent time walking backwards and forwards from bottom house to top one….

Two trays of violas still to be pricked out, when I remember to get the compost……

The heater has also been fetched out, plugged in, checked to make sure its working and turned onto the freeze setting., thats it I hope. Job well done………

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Welll done Sue, just think of all the exercise you've had with all that toing and froing! How lucky you are to have 2 greenhouses, if your plants don't survive then it won't be for lack of effort on your part. We had some frosts last month which I was unprepared for and so I've already lost a few things......I should pay more attention to the weather forecast! Now you can rest easy knowing your 'babies' are all tucked up for winter :o)

10 Nov, 2010


You've had a productive day - well done. I've got wall flowers I meant to plant up but suspect that I've missed the boat. :)

10 Nov, 2010


I call it the 'greenhouse shuffle' - I expect you have a coldframe too, do you? It happens at this time of year and also in the spring when the greenhouses are full to bursting with a full propagator, trays of seedlings and potted up cuttings and plug plants and..and..and...

So hardier plants go in the cold frame, ones that can handle lower temps inthe cool greenhouse, and more tender ones in the slightly warmer one....shuffle, shuffle. LOL.

10 Nov, 2010


Thats it exactly Spritz,lol.
Lily I tucked them up last year but still lost all my geraniums, fingers xx it does not happen again....
Silverbell I also have lots of wallflowers to go out, I`ll find somewhere for them even if its in pots,lol....

10 Nov, 2010


You've been busy....who needs a gym when you've got all that walking and bending to do going between the two sites.

You'll be pleased to have that all taken care of....I do hope you successfully overwinter your plants...the geraniums especially as you say you lost them all last year.

I hope you sat down after all that and treated yourself to at least a nice warm cup of tea :)

11 Nov, 2010


Dont have a second greenhouse, so all mine are sat under a 10ft hedge which is southwest facing. I havent got space for perlags so buy them every year. Luckily all my iris are hardy so the new rhizomes sit out every year..but I think I might bring in the new camassias..they were expensive and dont want to lose those ..couldnt decide where to plant so still in pots.
Didnt buy the cold frame this year..maybe next if I can make a suitable space..

11 Nov, 2010


You have some nice plants there Sandra, especially those lovely Aloes. I hope they survive for you. I hope we have a milder winter than last year.

11 Nov, 2010


Good job I did it all yesterday as its pouring down again today.
Hywel ,you changed my name, its Sue,LOL...

11 Nov, 2010


well done i'm hoping my greenhouse survives tonight as we are suppose to be getting 70mile winds, its already getting quite windy .

11 Nov, 2010


Well done on all your hard work Sue, I don`t have very much in the greenhouse this Winter so I won`t need any heating until the seeds go in come February. I hope this Winter won`t be as harsh as last years.

11 Nov, 2010


worth doing it - wish we had a greenhouse - next year hopefully

11 Nov, 2010


OMG ! :o(((
Sorry ... lol ... sorry ...
Yes I know you're Sue ...........
I was thinking of Labdancer, instead of Lincslass !
Sorry ... :o(( lol
I hope I'm forgiven :/
I'll use a senior moment as my excuse

11 Nov, 2010


great job sue and hope they all survive, im not sure what im going to do with my fuschias, iv bourght fleeces and think i will pop them over the whole pot and place in garage, its all i can do and hope for the best :o)

11 Nov, 2010


Well done you ,Sue,

I am afraid that only having a covered way, most of the space in which is taken up by a very large Margeurite and a couple of fuschias, I have to be more or less a fair weather gardener. However, two of my fuschias did amazing well outside last year and flowered beautifully this summer, although rather late. In fact, one dollar Princess, which stays in the ground, is still beautifully in flower, although I think that these gales this week will finish its last flourish.

I still have some white roses and the odd Heliotrope showing a a considrable amount of bravery in the front garden.

Well, now you can put your feet up until the Spring? Or like me will you be chasing oak leaves all over the garden every day?
All the best.

11 Nov, 2010


You certainly have been very busy, Licslass! So many trips backwards & forwards you'll have had enough exercise to last you a month - at least! LOL!

As long as you keep your Geraniums & Fuchsias pretty dry they should survive the winter. Mine do & they are not in a greenhouse - at least not one with glass. The one on my balcony is one of those plastic ones. I covered it last year with the plastic bags that came from the new mattresses we had bought a year or two earlier. I knew they would come in useful one day! LOL!

FelinFan, your Fuchsia "Dollar Princess" is hardy & if it has been in the ground for a couple of years it will have no problem with the winter weather. However it would be a good idea to add some more soil/compost, a couple of inches at least, over the base of the plant to keep the roots from freezing. Try to keep it a little on the dry side, if that is possible.

You could cut back your Fuchsias by at least 1/2 without hurting them. Then you will have more space.

11 Nov, 2010


Glad you accomplised all that Lincslass - you have been a busy bee.
I don`t have a greenhouse but I did give my flower beds a good thick mulch of multi purpose compost + well rotted horse manure + sawdust which I got from our local timber merchants, hope this mixture does the trick.

11 Nov, 2010


I don't have a greenhouse either (maybe next year) but I'm going to try overwintering some of the plants indoors & see what happens.

11 Nov, 2010


A job well done..... wish i had a greenhouse....

12 Nov, 2010


Well done Sue - please send me some of your energy when you can !

It's amazing how much there is to actually do in a garden at the start of winter isn't it ?

Fingers crossed for 100% survival.

12 Nov, 2010


well done you.....i have set up a six man tent inside my poly to protest my babies....a few have bitten the dust but most are doing just fine....

2 Dec, 2010

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