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Peanuts peanuts peanuts


By lilypad


These ****** squirrels are at it again. My garden is like a litter bin for peanut shells. I am trying to fox them by growing my broad beans in tubs which I shall shroud in tomato covers after the pods have set. I am opening a book on who is going to win this battle of cunning. Its odds on squirrels at the moment unless I get help. I thought I would plant some beans in the front garden amongst the bluebells aquilegia and later hollyhocks. Maybe they wont think of looking there.? Potatos in bags and tomatoes in hanging pouches. Oh we have a fox that comes around at dusk too. Just leaves his calling card . The variety of birds that visit is enormous starting with a sweet songbird before dawn followed by several thousand noisy black coloured crow like creatures with hob nailed boots on. They wake us up on the roof and we watch them fly like a black cloud down to the ash and hawthorns at the end of the garden. They disappear on a signal until the next dawn. Magpies, co;;ar doves woodpigeons followed by jackdaws seagulls tens of others I cant identify. Then there are the bats at dusk which dodge every obstacle at the last moment. NEVER A DULL MOMENT ON MY PATCH

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Sounds good - funny thing is that we would nt like the gardens without the maddening wildlife that comes with them.

9 Mar, 2010


I`m lucky in that I don`t get squirrels in my garden. When visiting my daughter I watch in amazement as the squirrels dig up her garden while her hubby furiously raps on the window. Of course, they completely ignore! ;o)

9 Mar, 2010


You said it...Never a dull moment, well who wants one, without our
Wildlife, our lives and Garden would be Boring.
Your Garden sounds full of life Lp........: -)))

9 Mar, 2010


Yes it is more like a zoo than a flower and veg garden, Magpies attacking the doves, feathers all over the place. We thought we had lost the magpies for a year but alas they are back. Our two bulldogs are ignored by all the birds who are very cheeky and tease them.

10 Mar, 2010


We rap on the windows at our squirrels and I swear they think we are being friendly - the nice tame humans who feed them and do tricks like rapping on the windows - grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

10 Mar, 2010


Oh yes, the Squirrels! I have a few pebbles in a plastic bottle and I rattle it out the door every time the Squirrel starts being naughty. They really don't like it. I bet the neighbours now think I am totally cracked shouting and bottle rattling at 7.30am. I don't expect they appreciate being woken up like that either! Needs be.......

13 Mar, 2010


Unfortunately mine are in evidence all day long. They look lovely bunny hopping across the lawn with their bushy tails arching like the loch Ness monster. I have planted up 5 potato bags to date. Kestrel ,Pentland javelin Rocket ,Duke of York Maris Peer. pink fir kettle, swift, maris piper, charlotte King edward to follow. Found that Wilkinson is selling very large nets at £2.99. May try some of those in the garden or in an old plastic dust bin. I would be very interested to know how other folk are doing with these bags. At first thought they seem a very expensive way to grow. However now that poundland is selling packs of 10 well chitted netsful for £1. now is the time to buy , plant and compare results. Are you all with me? Next year we shall have the bags and fertilizer to hand and need only to buy the seed potatoes. With everyones input we should be armed with all the facts and know what and where to buy for best results. Our own on line survey. Happy Mothers day to all enjoy your daffs and chocs . I shall

14 Mar, 2010


Silly me I have written pink fir kettle instead of pink fir apple. My daughter burnt the kettle and it was on my mind. apologies, but the idea is a good one don't you think A survey of the best types of potatoes to grow in bags?

15 Mar, 2010

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