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I thought I would just write a few lines about my back garden. As I have said I am making a wildlife garden out of what used to be a vegetable plot. I still grows veggies in the greenhouse and pots and raised bed. I am growing all my spuds in containers and I have just finished planting them and it was a lot easier than when I grew them in the ground. I am including some pics of the greenhouse because veg can be beautiful too.
As to the garden proper, I have planted it all now and have cleared the debris. I can now picture what it should look like next year(fingers crossed). I can report that there are three sparrows, three blackbirds, a robin, two collard doves, two blue tits and a host of starlings, regularly feeding and nesting in the garden. I am learning about their needs and with luck they should have more variety come the autumn. I would like to thanks all you who have helped me with their encouragement, it makes all the difference.

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Everything is looking healthy . what is the last pic of?

5 Apr, 2010


its looking better now lemondog, bet your pleased its all cleared , are you going to do gravel on pathways, would make everything neat and stand out, just a thought ;o))

5 Apr, 2010


Thanks for your interest, the last picture is of woodruff which i hope will run alot and the paths we have decided will be grass which is good for wildlife, with a raised deck area running from the shed to the seat and we would like to put a small table and two chairs on it.I had thought of gravel(i like the sound under your feet) but Miss Ellie would think I have put it there for her,also it is too expensive(I could use the money on plants or compost).Watch this space.

5 Apr, 2010


Garden looks lovely. How big is it? Is that a hiddie hole in picture no2, oh just had another look there's a fence there looked like a secret garden when I 1st looked

5 Apr, 2010


i mentioned gravel as i thought if your out and its wet the grass may get messy unless you have step paving stones in it to, understand about gravel though

5 Apr, 2010


yes sanbaz i know what you mean but i will have a proper path to the washing line, greenhouse and shed so it will not be to bad, anyway if it does not work, i will rethink it. Thanks great it is not very big, but big enough!

8 Apr, 2010

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