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We`ve had Perry home for a week now and he has settled in so well. He doesn`t make a murmur when its time for bed. We can leave him alone for a few hours now without worrying that he`ll pine. When we are out walking he sits at the kerb without being asked, a week ago he didn`t even know how to sit at all. He makes us laugh all the time at his antics. For instance, he has taken to carrying around an old glove of Jim`s, he doesn`t chew it but just takes it everywhere, he looks so funny. This evening I took some towels out of the tumble drier and he stuck his head inside to see what was there. We haven`t laughed so much for ages. I`m so happy he`s our dog.

I`ve been so busy at work the last couple of days especially yesterday when it was all go from the moment I got there until the moment I got home…AND I stayed an hour later too…then I had to walk Perry and it was nearly 4pm before I had my lunch. My goodness I was exhausted and very grateful it was Friday! I have to say though that I like to be busy, I`m not one for taking things easy if I can help it.

I`ve been itching to tidy and weed the borders and would have done a bit today but for the rain…sigh. I made up for it by spending time in the greenhouse potting on some of my baby plants. I still have lots more to do but they can wait until tomorrow. My daffodils have opened at long last so I took some photos. I hope you like them.

The Dutch irises are all coming up at once. I have no idea where I can plant so many but I`m sure I`ll think of something.

I love the unusual leaves of the Oxalis, they remind me of clover.

The fragrant lillies have come through.

The rhubarb is an early variety so I will look forward to a nice, tasty crumble…mmm!

The Sweetpeas are looking good.

This bowl of mini daffs comes up year after year.

King Alfred daffs

mini daff `Jumbly`.

King Alfreds planted around Rosa `Grace`.

Sandra xx

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Great news on Perry ... is the Oxalis sometimes called tri-angular ... it looks familliar ... all is looking good in and outdoors. : o ) )

20 Mar, 2010


hi Labd,so glad perry has settled in so well for you he must be happy ,you had a busy day today,i too have oxalis it crops up all over the garden i pull it out as a rule as it spreads so quick but i may leave it this year and see how it looks..:o))

20 Mar, 2010


i can feel the happiness in your words sandra about perry, im so glad he makes you all feel so good, your plants are coming along nicely to :o))

20 Mar, 2010


Wow... everything is growing well for you...

Great to hear the good news of how well Perry has settled...
I can imagine Perry carrying the special glove... and if he did happen to lose it, I guess you have the other glove of the pair ? Lol.
Wishing you many many happy years with lovely Perry. xxx

20 Mar, 2010


Lovely to hear about Perry.....he has strong retriever could teach him to find and retrieve things for you, my lab used to go upstairs and get my slippers if I came down without them! Great fun for the dog and easier for me!!

Nice to see things growing, isn't it?

20 Mar, 2010


Perry has settled in so quickly you are lucky, i hope you have years &years of fun with him.

20 Mar, 2010


It doesn't take much to make a dog happy and a dog is all that's needed to make us happy. I'm so glad for you Labd. He's a bit of a character. Tomorrow the weather should be much better for most of us (two and four legged) so I hope you get on top of things. I like your daffs.

20 Mar, 2010


Good to hear about Perry, your efforts in the greenhouse have paid off as everything looks so healthy....

20 Mar, 2010


you and Perry seem a perfect match......loved all the daffs....

21 Mar, 2010


It's so lovely to hear how well Perry has settled down, Sandra. Such good news! He sounds so happy - and so do you...a perfect match. :-)))

(May I just tell Megan that the Oxalis is called O. deppei 'Iron Cross' and it's an outdoor has coral coloured flowers. It isn't an invasive one, either.)

21 Mar, 2010


So pleased that Perry as settled down with you and made you happy...

21 Mar, 2010


Thanks for the info re the OxalisSpritz, I was wondering if it was a good idea to plant them in the beds. Now I will now I know they are not invasive. :o)

21 Mar, 2010


I can hardly bring myself to type the word 'Oxalis' the thought of it terifies me. Reason, Penny's mum's garden is completely over-run with it, I think it came from a plant that Penny gave her :-))

22 Mar, 2010


lovely pics - especially the little daffs - they are all i can grow in my front garden the wind comes straight from the sea and blows anything bigger over so you get loads of daffs fallening over!

23 Mar, 2010

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