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A Lovely Day~ part 2


Well yesterday was a perfect day to be in the garden. I managed to get a lot done though much of it was in the greenhouse.

I have so many seeds dotted around the house that I had to put these on the dining room dresser. Actually the dresser is meant to house ornaments but instead it has all sorts of gardening stuff, much to Jim`s irritation. he says the house is getting to look like a garden centre…I don`t know what he means…lol!

I`ve made a bit more progress with my Laura Ford patio climbing rose. I`ve put a few more wire supports in place and with luck it should look nice this year…here`s hoping. :o)

I found a moment to weed the raised bed which took no more than 10 mins in all. If only the whole garden was that easy. It looks as though the onions will be ready before too long. I think I`ll plant either a butternut squash or courgettes , I don`t have that much room.

I snapped this pic of yet another hellebore in flower. I think it`s an orientalis.

I potted up the geranium plug plants I bought yesterday and along with the ones I bought today I now have seventeen in total. I think I have far too much of everything but I`m sure I`ll find a place for most of it. What doesn`t go in will either be given away or saved in case of losses. Talking of which, I`ve disposed of the dried remains of Agapanthus Africanus which has been overwintering in the greenhouse. I did what I always do, wrapped the pot in bubblewrap, lightly fleeced it on extra cold days and kept it fairly dry as they prefer. This it had enough and now is in the green compost wheelie bin. I may have lost two heucheras, definitely Clematis `Nelly Moser` (I loved that one. ) and Dicentra Alba. However, I was surprised to see Delphinium `Black Knight` growing well and I took the precaution of spreading some slug bait around it. I usually lose delphies to the slimy creatures so I don`t plant them anymore. I only bought `Black Knight` because I love the stunning blue/black flowers.

I`ll be having a look at gardening sites later on to see whats going. A plant I want for this year is Nandena `Firepower`. It`s a real stunner and its going to be mine…lol! Bye Bye for now. :o)

Sandra x

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gosh, another plant I will have to look out for ,don't know what it looks like though.

3 Mar, 2010


as usual you got alot done sandra sorry you have lost plants, not sure what ive lost yet but new shoots popping up everywhere, im on the look out for my delphiniums and when i do see them i will pop half coke bottles over new growth to protect them if im quick enough lol, clematis not sure as nothing happening yet, fingers crossed here to :o)) im sure you will sqeeze all your plants in some how :o))

3 Mar, 2010


I hadn`t heard that one before Sandra, thanks for the tip! :o)

3 Mar, 2010


yw :o)

3 Mar, 2010


Nice to see your gearing up for the new season, like the trellis for the rose, you've given me an idea, must dash, going to the garden center!

Best wishes, Mick

4 Mar, 2010


Sorry you have lost your clematis Sandra.I checked my Elsa Spath,and it has lots of new fat buds,so I am lucky.I bought a bargain Clematis,Bees Jubilee for £1 last year,and although it is still a straggly little thing,it also has buds on.
I may have lost my Agapanthus though,as I do the same as you to protect it.I will have to give it a bit more time,just in case.....ever optimistic! We are all
happy to just be out there in the sunshine..lovely.
Sanbaz,..My Delphiniums are through too,and in a pot,so will get my "cut in half"
pop bottles out now,to keep the nasties away.I use them a lot,as they are like little mini greenhouses too,especially the top half where the screw top was,for ventilation....

4 Mar, 2010

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