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Busy Bees and Lazy Days


Well I`ve never seen anything like it before. Huge numbers of bees of all types are buzzing in my garden, especially around Eryngium `Planum` which they seem to prefer to Erysimum `Bowles Mauve`, which ran out of steam last Summer and was consigned to the compost bin. The wooden bench where I have my afternoon coffee is right in front of the Eryngium so I I`m surrounded on all sides by bees, various types of wasps and so many other kinds of flying insects that I`ve not seen before. I tried to get a photograph of the whole plant to show what I mean but I couldn`t get a good enough angle and found it easier to take several. I think its very nice of me to care so much about bees because I was stung by one two weeks ago, not the fault of the bee of course, it was minding its own business on the handle of my kitchen compster bucket that I`d just washed. When I picked it up again I disturbed an angry bee who promptly stung my middle finger…it really hurt too, though the poor bee wouldn`t sting anyone again. Anyway, my finger is still painful so I`m a bit more careful when I pick things up in the garden, especially while there are so many of them about at the moment..and I hope it carries on that way too, we need them.

The last three photos don`t have any bees but I liked them so I put them on anyway!

I took this week as holiday from work and would you believe I haven`t felt very well up until now. The arthritis in my hands has flared up and I`ve got a cold coming..oh well, better now than next week as we a wedding to go on the 31st. I`ve been doing a bit of work in the garden before it became to hot. Just a bit of maintainence here and there. I`ve spent the last few weeks trying to dig out as much bindweed as I could…my neighbour on one side must think its some kind of pretty plant because they never do anything about it and I know it wouldn`t be worth mentioning it to them, they just wouldn`t care….sigh
I suppose I`ll just have to carry on doing it the hard way…as a customer once said to me, “We never win, us gardeners, we just keep on trying…thats whats so enjoyable about it.” How true.

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We've noticed more Bees this year, especially on the Buddleia, Hollyhocks and Poppies ... sorry to hear you were stung ... hope it heals soon for you ... our neighbour is the same with Bindweed ... we noticed it's climbing through their Bay tree and Kerria ... both of which I clip back from our side ! Lovely photos .. lots of Cosmos. : o ))))

21 Jul, 2010


More here as well but ladybirds and butterflies are still very scarce, your pics are lovely, sorry to hear you`re feeling a bit low, I think the weather is affecting peoples arthritis, my daughter has been suffering a lot more just recently and last week her hands were all swollen again..
I know how annoying that darn bindweed is, I`ve been trying to stop it coming into my garden for years, when I think I`m winning it creeps back again, you are right its not worth saying anything just keep pulling it out whilst cursing under ones breath,LOL.......

21 Jul, 2010


enjoyed your blog sandra iv had loads of bees to, love watching them being busy,, sorry about your finger and the fact you havent been to well, poor you on your week off, lovely pics ;o))

21 Jul, 2010


Lovely pics,Sandra,and sorry about your really does hurt doesn't it ?
hope you feel better in time for your wedding,Arthritis is an awful thing,as my mum had it very bad,so know what you are going through.I'm just thankful,I don't seem to have inherited that gene..take care,...

22 Jul, 2010


Lovely to see so many bees and insects around - where would we be without them? Sounds as if you need a few more bee stings - from
Bee stings or apitherapy (The term comes from the Latin apis, which means “bee”) as it is known or BVT (Bee Venom Therapy) is thought by many to reduce the effects of arthritis. The bee venom is administered either by needle or actual bee sting. The theory has been banded around for years, with the main concept being the bee venom reduces inflamation. This is of course true as South Korean found that the principle peptide in bee venom (melittin) blocks the expression of inflammatory genes that can cause painful tissue swelling in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Another anti inflamatory subtance found in the venom is adolapin. Melittin stimulates the body’s production of cortisol, a natural steroid that also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

23 Jul, 2010

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