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Disaster Strikes!


Well at last it rained heavily and it has done the garden a whole world of good…but it also did this….

My poor runner beans have been flattened by the strong winds and heavy rain and I`ll need help to get them upright again. How inconsiderate of Jim to have gone fishing…lol! I suppose I have to laugh or I`d probably cry after all the TLC I`ve given them through the hot, dry weather. We`ve had several meals from them already and there are loads more to pick with many more flowers too. Of course they had to fall across one of my tomato plants if it wasn`t enough just falling over. Oh well, I have a few more plants if that one is broken. That is if they don`t get any more Blossom End Rot, I hoped I`d dealt with that but can`t be certain yet.

This Achillea was flattened to but I shored it up with a plant support that I found in the geenhouse. Also for the first time this year I`ve seen quite a few slugs sliming about. Somehow I don`t think they`ll be too much of a nuisance with the hedgehog family and the frogs that live in the garden. The sky is lovely and blue now and you wouldn`t guess what the weather was like this afternoon. I think there are more showers expected for tomorrow down here in the SE.

I spent all morning at work doing an online horticulture course. I`ve completed most of it, passed the first two assessments and just have one module left to do. Its been really interesting and I`ve learned quite a bit about plants and why this and that happens, in fact I could talk all day…lol! But I won`t. I will tell you that Jim said he`ll take me to Hampton Court Flower Show next year though….hooray!

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Do hope your poor runner beans survive :-)
I've just been in the garden to find the same has happened to my sweet peas, which are actually going over now, but i was leaving them, so i could collect some seeds, just hope they survive long enough to dry out :-/

14 Jul, 2010


I hope you can put your runner beans back in place..
Well done with your horticulture course :o)

14 Jul, 2010


Sorry to see your beans flattened,Sandra,I'm sure they will be ok if you can manage to tie them up.We had heavy rain last night,and after a fine morning today, I went out staking and putting twine round everything that I thought
needed it,as the roses were almost on the floor.Glad I did ,as we have had two cloudburst type downpours this afternoon,and the road looked like a river.It has just started again,but is very dark and looks more like thunder.....Is is because we have all been praying for rain? lol....prayers answered then,it seems.....but would have preferred it not all at once...

14 Jul, 2010


I ticked the like box because I like your sense of humour despite what the weather has done. Hope the beans go back up ok. Well done with the horticulture course.

14 Jul, 2010


Oh no.....mine looks like that now too, after heavy rains Monday and Tuesday! I think the Rudbeckia are past the point of no return, so I think I'll just cut the rest of them down.

15 Jul, 2010


Congratulations on your course. It must be very interesting.

15 Jul, 2010


sandra my heart goes out to you as iv had the same thing happen here, flattened plants which havent flowered yet, iv staked them up and hoping for the best, its madening when we take so much time and careing to grow them isnt it, hope yours are ok, so happy your doing great on your course and how wonderfull to be going to hampton court, i did say to baz would love to go next year, ;o))

15 Jul, 2010


Know the feeling - some casualties here too :-((( My campanula lactiflora is wrecked!

18 Jul, 2010


Have just come across this blog (bit late I know!) and would be interested to know what the name of the course was you did and how I can get hold of any info on it? Sorry about the beans and plants, but I'm sure you soon had them all sorted. Hope you enjoyed Hampton court, I didn't get there this year but mustn't complain as I went to Chelsea instead. Keep up the great blogs!

18 Aug, 2010

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