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I’ve been a little quiet on here recently, so I’m trying to catch up with all the news and what everybody has been up to. I’ve been squeezing in a late holiday to the Brecon Breacons, booking a cottage that had its own indoor pool – it was a good size and like a hot bath :-). Believe it or not I didn’t buy one plant or even visit a garden centre, nor did I take my laptop with me – I’ll have to make up for lost time. – lol.
Anyway that was last week, so this week as well as getting my business straight I have frantically preparing the garden for winter/spring. Taking out bedding plants, planting wall flowers, pansies and bulbs, mowing the grass etc etc as next week I am off to Egypt on a Nile Cruise. I am a little apprehensive as I haven’t got a clue really what to expect, the cruise is all inclusive on a boat called magic1 has anybody else been on this boat? We will take in all the usual sites, the valley of the kings / queens etc, any advise would be helpful.

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The cruise sounds like a nice'll appreciate the rest onboard after all your busy tidying, planting and mowing. Have a lovely time, Kay.

21 Sep, 2010


Thankyou Whistonlass

21 Sep, 2010


very nice have a lovely time ............;0))))

21 Sep, 2010


Have a nice holiday in Egypt.
I'm glad you enjoyed the Beacons aswell, but I am biased because I live on the western border of it :o)

22 Sep, 2010


I've always fancied an Egyptian Cruise, wintertime to escape the cold. The place of Verdi's Aida. Trouble is they wouldn't allow Barnaby on board! it would be to hot for him anyway. Just a thought, do you get adverts on the right hand side of your GOY screen? Strangely I have one for the hotel I was in last week. Is this the all seeing all knowing Internet or just a coincidence?

22 Sep, 2010


i thnik heron, the advert you saw was just coincidental- I hope anyway - scary if not.

22 Sep, 2010


I've been getting a small ad for RSPB but it's not nearly as strange as your ad, Heron. I can understand you being a bit wary.

22 Sep, 2010


cottages with indoor pools - Egyptian cruises - gardening in between - I'M JEALOUS!!

23 Sep, 2010


PS - spent a tiny bit of time in Egypt in the '80s - difficult traveling alone as a woman but being sensible with clothing made a big difference

WOW - what an astonishing place when you get over the culture shock - on a boat and an organized tour is definitely the only way I would go again - it was the single most unhygienic place I have ever been on the planet

I could spend weeks and weeks in the Cairo museum just for starters - then walking in the deserts and touching things so very very old ... could non-stop rave about it - and with a guide to tell you about it - sigh - wonderful - whatever you do - don't miss out on this - you'll LOVE it

23 Sep, 2010


Thankyou Cate. I'm really getting nervous now. I've never been this far East.

24 Sep, 2010

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