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Where's my breakfast????


By kasy


Today in the morning I was sitting in the living room when I heard a ‘meow’ from the kitchen.
“Aha” – I thought – “Masha wants me to open the kitchen door for her a bit more”. Usually she can manage it on her own but sometimes, you know….
So I went to the kitchen – looked at the door – no, she’s not there not waiting for the gap to get wider.
But as I am turning around I can see her on the kitchen floor and something is wrong….
but what?
“oh, you…… (beep)!”
There was something in her mouth…..
So I quickly grabbed her (gently of course) and told her she is under the house arrest for the rest of the day.
Don’t think she was happy about it but didn’t protest a lot either.
Ok – me rushing down to the kitchen – that little tiny creature looked alive when I left it there – so here comes Kasia to the rescue!!!
“But hey – where are you???? I left you on the floor… Did you hide in a gap between the washing machine and the cupboard?”
“No – can’t see you there. Or maybe between fridge and the cupboard? no sign of life there either….
You must find your way out through the door then…”
But hey! what’s that movement on the windowsill

“oh, there you are!”

“You poor little thing – you managed to escape those nasty teeth – and now you cannot get out…”

“Just give me a moment – I can’t reach the window handle – you know I am sort of short person….
just let me grab something and open it for you…”

“You’re so small – and I have to admit I’ve never seen you before in the neighbourhood…..
Off you go – and stay away from Masha, please…
Now time to free Masha – can’t keep her too long behind the closed door….”
Here she comes

“Hey, Kasia – haven’t you seen the pressie I brought you today?”

“I am sure I left it here on the floor for you…..”

“Oh, if you had it all for yourself I want my the same boring breakfast now….”


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That is a lovely blog Kasy............very glad you were able to be the hero and rescue little wren!

24 Jan, 2014


I'm glad you rescued the little bird :o) Not long ago I was chasing a shrew around the living room with a long handled dust pan and brush, trying to catch it ! Our cats must love us very much to keep bringing us all these gifts :o)

24 Jan, 2014


Where does that leave us I wonder - Rowan eats what she brings in. I think she's just showing off. i did manage to rescue a little bird last week though.
Wjat little wings the wren has kasia - you wouldn't think they would be big enough t carry her! Glas you were able to rescue her and catch it all on photos.

24 Jan, 2014


Well done Kasia, at least Masha was still at the teasing stage and brought it indoors which saved its life, I have a little wren that insists on building the nest near my top pond and I'm on constant watch at times to keep the cats away...

25 Jan, 2014


Thank you for your all comments.
Masha is a real cat with all cat's instincts and I am not always able to save them all.
She does funny thing - sometimes I leave a piece of bread in the middle of the lawn for bigger birds - and she just sits there by the bread slices as if waiting for birds to come, lol.

26 Jan, 2014

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