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Anglesey Abbey part II


By kasy


or Kasia unleashed

I said good byes to my colleagues and my tutor from college – now I can go where I please, lol.
The garden is huge but we only did a Winter Walk. Which was nice but the day is still young and there is so much more to see. I am always full of energy and there are so many nice things to see… I am afraid I will be forever tourist in this lovely country, lol.

So l am leaving the warmth of the inside behind me and the world is my oyster now!

The sun is shining :) as seen on the pine needles.

Some trees look bit scary without leaves

But revealing some interesting things about themselves

Going back the way we came to cafeteria with my colleagues

another look at the trained tree

Visitors entrance to the House

Hmmm – dilemma, dilemma… which way now?

That looks interesting – what was it? A door for the dwarves? lol

Looks like I have drifted to the left already so let’s see what’s there.

Hmm – can I go inside?
Can’t see anything saying saying ‘No entry’

It doesn’t say ‘Private’ either

should somebody ask me what I am doing here – I can always say I am looking for something to cover that poor lady with…

It’s January – it is cold!
No one around – it’s a small space nothing else left to see here.
Let’s go back.

Ok – where to now?

That entrance looks interesting.
Above an eye level

and below

Where to now?
I know! – let’s inspect that trained tree on the side of the House
There is a plant label there. What does it say?

Mistery solved. Let’s move on :)
Going along the South part of the house.

O wow! look at THAT!!!

Better be careful with those thorns, lol

The label say it is Chaneomeles cathayensis. Never heard of it before…

Look! there is a gate and what looks like a rose garden!
(hmm – who am I talking to??? there is no one around me, lol)

What a lovely bench!

Inside the Rose Garden

At least you’re better prepared for the cold days dear…

How nice – they are feeding the birds here.

How rude! I was here first!!!

Not much going on here this time of year.

What else is here to see?
What about that lovely door?

There is a plague with some information about it

It says:
Made for Henry Cromwell between 1659 1711 for Biggin House Ramsey. Removed to Ramsey Abbey 1757. Given by the present owner of Ramsey Abbey, Diana Broughton to Fairhaven. Placed here August 1935

I just love that door knocker.

But what’s there? some heads?

That’s the one on the right hand side of the door… I think it might be a woman.

And this one is on the left hand side of the entrance. could it be a man?

One more picture of both of them

Ok – I will leave you alone now:)

I have spotted something else.
Hello guys!

How do you do?

What kind of music are you playing?

can you play it a bit louder please?

oh, that’s lovely
I will sit down for a moment and listen to you if you don’t mind…

oh, you too want to join us?

I wouldn’t mind staying here longer but it’s time to go….
Time to go back to college and do my evening course…
There is much more I could say about history of Anglesey Abbey but I will leave it to others.

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another enjoyable read. Thanks Kasy :)

26 Jan, 2014


beautiful blog kasy some parts i do not recognize in this one....but i know doubt will notice on my next visit :-)
you spotted some beautiful architecture the Rose Garden i always like to look around last year was fenced of because
of visiting wild rabbits....
The trees are awesome at this place the spread on them from tip of branch to tip of branch is incredibly outstanding the way the trees use their branches to support self so they can stand stately by rooting back into the ground just blow me away....iam quite stunned that you have visited here actually it blows me away a bit....
thank you Kasy for both blogs they are very well set out and a joy see/read...
fav this too.

26 Jan, 2014


You're welcome Scottish :) And thank you:)
Thank you Jane - I wish I could visit one more time one day:)
Maybe you could tell us bit more about history of the place itself? I didn't want to put too much information into the blog - I rather wanted to concentrate on the gardening site of the place.

28 Jan, 2014


Hi Kasy ..
Lots of super photos and captions..
well done :o)

28 Jan, 2014


you have a nice balance Kasy in your blog...
one particular bit of info i liked about Anglesey Abbey (which i read from information leaflet) which was that its gardens are on and surrounded by marsh land....three reasons i liked that information are(not necessary in this order), because a friend and i noticed that in certain parts of Anglesey Abbey grounds the earth seemed rather boggy under our feet, now at this time we thought (my friend and i) it could be because at the time England had been experiencing lots of floods, even tho this was now a really hot summers day we were out walking its grounds, so it put us both in the picture rather than guessing ...and second was i liked the idea of marsh land being part of England (i guess it is the geography of it i liked) you properly found different bits of information that interested you? third but not least! was how the trees/plants grow very well from the enriched soil from the marshes (after time)from nutrients etc i say and we know everyone's interests will somewhat be a bit different or approach slightly different..... also theres a lot of information on the place, online.... I could do a blog i guess on the marsh part of it? may be i might arrange a tour guide to help....
thank you for asking about the history of the mined is doing over time again..Kasy :-) lol

28 Jan, 2014


Thank you Terra:)
Jane - I was looking at the information available in the internet - and there wasn't as much info as I'd like to see. For sure I haven't found anything saying about the marsh land. That's interesting. Anything you can add about the place would be interesting. I will be waiting for your blog. :)

1 Feb, 2014


the information must be more in the books that they sale then.
thank you from Jane.

1 Feb, 2014


That was what I was thinking as well :)

2 Feb, 2014


Hi Kasy, what a fantastic set of photographs, the composition and framing are brilliant. I built my own darkroom as a teenager (quite a few years ago,now!) and loved (and still do) taking pictures of nature and plant-life. I'm planning to post some pictures of tree's and wildlife I have encountered on my walks on the North Yorkshire / County Durham border. Please keep posting your pictures they really are special and of great interest.

5 Feb, 2014


Thank you for your comment Greenhouse Paul. My mum used to have a little bit of equipment for the dark room - I remember I played with it a little bit. but only for a short while. Wildlife and plant-life are my favourite.
And waiting to see your pictures here on GoY.

9 Feb, 2014

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