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This year I am planing a organic small garden


By karlyn


Have been quite unhappy with the food supply and the chemicals being used without thought to their harmful effects on the human body. With the onset of the stupidity of both the individual states and out government in taking such stupid approaches as to tell people that rain water falling on their property is not theirs unless they pay their state, you can’t keep more than a 30 day supply of food without being charged with an attempt to over throw the government, or that gardens are illegal in some states, it has made me even more determined to garden. I refuse to give up my rights as a US citizen or my right as a person living on this planet. Monsanto needs to be brought down but until that happens I will be gardening for my fruits and veggies.

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This reads like a nightmare and it's hard to believe that even governments could be so ... well words fail me.

How on earth to they measure how much rain has fallen on your garden?

Good luck with your gardening.

19 Feb, 2014


Words fail me too! What will they do next, charge you for the amount of sunlight you receive. What utter nonsense!
Good luck with getting your garden going and wishing you a plentiful harvest.

19 Feb, 2014


Sounds as if you need some support Karlyn.
With internet access it shouldnt be too difficult to contact as many like minded souls to form an association of Organic U.S. Gardeners. There may already be one.

I was shocked to hear on T/V recently that UK farmers
spray their potato crops up to 7 times with chemicals to prevent Blight.

Glad I have grown my own Potatoes for 40 years on my allotment. Cant do it now, hope to get half the amount I need in raised beds.

20 Feb, 2014

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