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Do you have a soldier in your garden ?.. or would you want one ?


hi folks , as we have been talking about neighbours.. i thought i would show you a front garden on the street next to ours i call it Blackpool illuminations..its an elderly lady that lives there,i took these pics yesterday.

down the path on the left is a huge teddy bear sat at a table complete with tablecloth..the back garden is the same..

another teddy on a penny farthing in front garden..i think that is a mummy or ghost popping up behind the bush far right..

there are usually 2 lifesize blow up dolls (dressed in clothes) under the porch.. but have gone now unless they are getting a change of clothing..

at xmas it is full to bursting & halloween, the whole garden & inside the house are full of lights & lifesize santas

i have to take my little Granddaughter for a walk to have a look at it when they come to visit & she cries to go in & wont come away

well i know now why the dolls have we have a lifesize soldier in their place…

Goodness gracious me !!!!
beautiful day here in M/C, so flask at the ready..i am off to the allotment have a nice day folks..

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Oh my, I don't know what to say, does she do it for charity I wonder or just for fun.

19 Apr, 2011


Well, it's not to my taste but I can imagine little children loving it. Does she not encourage children to come in to have a peek?

And when I think that my stepmom had 2 pink flamingos and 2 large cement lions in the garden and we all thought they were OTT....I'm glad she didn't adopt this lady's ways!

19 Apr, 2011


How wonderful to have the ability to put so much effort into what the lady must obviously thoroughly enjoy doing. I love to see things where there is an obvious passion behind it. There was quite a nice garden - not as full as this one - in the next road to us. Disgustingly, though, someone stole nearly all of the ornaments one night. It has hit the owners so hard they have actually now put the house on the market. Very sad.

19 Apr, 2011


Well there's not many plants in it so doesn't do it for me as a garden but it's obviously as loved by it's owner as mine is by me and that's what counts. The owner must have a great sense of fun and I'm sure it gives great pleasure to all the local children. :o))

19 Apr, 2011


Ummmmm ....... What do I say ? lol ! I think that's all I can say :o( It's awful and I'm glad I don't live near it :o( but if that's what she wants I suppose she's entitled to it.
Hope you had a nice day in your allotment. I don't suppose it looks anything like this garden does lol

19 Apr, 2011


thanks for your comments,its not to everyones taste i have to say.. but as has been said she must love having it like this & gets her enjoyment out of her garden this way, i am surprised she never gets anything stolen from it..
i had a good day Hywel thanks,couldnt grow much veg if the plot was like this lol.

19 Apr, 2011


omg has it bin on may the best house win ................. on t.v lol , theres some corkers on it. lol , where is it have never seen the like ,

19 Apr, 2011


Not my idea of a garden but at least the lady has put an effort in to it and it is kept tidy- I mean it hasn't been neglected or used to dump bin bags and burnt out cars on! Each to their own! :-)

20 Apr, 2011


Hmm ... do you think inside is like this too? When it rains ... do the teddy bears stay outdoors? I've never seen anything quite like it ... would she freak out if a plant suddenly appeared in there? it's not hurting anyone so let the lady carry on! : o )

20 Apr, 2011


sorry i missed your comment Shirley,they all stay out all the time..more goes in every day ,no plants as you say..but its kept quite tidy & the children like it.:o)

27 Apr, 2011


Sigh ... I'd thought I'd been forgotten ... how odd to leave all that stuff outdoors in all weathers! Oh well ... we can't all be the same I guess. : o )

27 Apr, 2011

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