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I have always said that I am not a great lover of garden ornaments, so was quite surprised when I wandered round and discovered how many I actually had that could be classed as ornaments!

One or two were left by the previous owner like the two bird baths, one in square concrete which doesn’t hold water and one moulded concrete which does.
Also left were a crouching cat and a couple of others which definitely didn’t have garden room, including a headless man on a bench and the ugliest gnome ever, we did keep a crocodile which sat by the pond and eventually gave up the ghost and fell into pieces.

The komodo dragon is a wooden one, horrendously expensive (for me!) and was bought to sit on the huge tree trunk left from cutting down a fir tree hanging over the house. He sat there for a couple of years, but has now moved to the edge of the pond. He measures over a metre long.
The little red dragon and the two temple dogs came from an auction as a ‘lot’, I have a liking for dragons and couldn’t throw the others out!
My fairy girls were another extravagance, made from resin, delicate and have to be brought in for the winter as they get brittle. Bought as I wanted two ornaments for either side of the pond.
The family of hedgehogs tend to get over-run with plants and so get moved around and in for the winter. They have another friend, bought for me as a present, who hasn’t even got outside yet!
The red squirrel is attached to the tree and really needs a wash as he has a nice green sheen to him now. Would be nice to have the real thing, but we only get grey squirrels who don’t recognise this as a rival.
Then there are the herons, a pair are supposed to signal to a real one that there is a breeding pair already in residence. Doesn’t seem to work as I have looked out and seen three herons – one real one!
Lastly are the latest purchases, two ceramic toadstools which came from The Factory Shop at £5 for the two which I thought was a bargain. The photo was taken after dark by flash as I forgot I needed one for this blog.

Do I then count the peacock sundial which hasn’t made it out of the shed yet as it is looking for just the right place? What about the wind-chimes which hang by the shed, looking for the right spot, the kingfisher on the shed, an old ornament and the newly made bug house?
I might say I am not keen on garden ornaments but there seem to have been a lot creep in to take up residence – and I do hanker after the Henri Toscano statue of Rhiannon the Archer! She could live here if I could just come up with the £250 price tag and somewhere she is in stock!
Meanwhile this is what lives here.

Two pictures of the Komodo dragon

The little red dragon

Hedgehog family

Fairy girl

Fairy girl playing a pipe

The temple dogs

The red squirrel in the greengage tree

The pair of herons

Ceramic toadstools

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Must say I didn't think I was a garden ornament fan either but you may have converted me :-), all yours are set in the perfect positions to suit each one, really love the fairys !!!!!, the herons are slightly unnerving me mainly as we have a pair visiting our pond at the moment grrrr, lovely blog :-)

22 Jun, 2013


Thank you Snoop and Simbad for your kind comments. Both of these lots of ornaments came off the internet, a slightly un-nerving way of buying them as you can never be sure what they are like without actually seeing them 'in the flesh', but I was happy with both of them.
The dragon was £100 which I wouldn't normally pay for an ornament, but had this stark tree trunk, as wide as he is long, which screamed out for something to sit on it! The ivy grew up the sides of the trunk and I had to rescue him from strangulation sometimes. He came in for the winter and had a clean up and two different shades of wood stain to help preserve him. The brown was too much so he got stippled with a deep green on top which toned it down and he's weathered a bit since.
The fairies came without the bits of stonework. the crouching fairy is 'glued' to a heavy piece of sandstone and the one with the pipe is also fixed to the base of a bird bath which was left by the previous owner. She needed to be fixed as though she sits well, her wings balancing the fact she is leaning forward, we have four blundering peacocks who like to sit on things, so had visions of her taking a tumble and shattering!

22 Jun, 2013


I like garden ornaments as long as they blend in ...
You've got some nice ones :o)

22 Jun, 2013


I love the Komodo especially, but I think all your ornaments look good. I have certain things which are only visible until about May and then disappear until the following Spring unless I remember to dig them out and relocate them.

22 Jun, 2013


I didn't think I was a fan of garden ornaments either, but over the years my back garden has become home for quite a number..... resin & concrete bunnies, resin heron, concrete gnome, resin welcome sign, wooden dovecot, concrete golfer & cricketer, resin owl with solar-powered eyes, solar powered floating ball light, candle lanterns, resin buddha, a metal green man bottle opener, concrete knitting teddy, couple of spouting dolphins, a partially draped lady and a naked boy guarding a birdbath, concrete squirrel, Jeremy Fisher and Eeyore. It sounds a lot but they are discreetly placed, many have been adopted or are residing here until the youngsters move on/out and a fair few have been gifts. No, I am not planning to aquire any more, but who knows .......

23 Jun, 2013


I keep saying to myself, when I add another fairy or whatever, ' The grandchildren will like that'. Only, there are no grandchildren yet!!

23 Jun, 2013


I have lots most of which are concrete, there are two otters at the back of the pond, a very busy gnome using a wheelbarrow, a separate wheel barrow, I think the gnome who is s'posed to be near his barrow took a dive into the pond and found he couldn't swim, they disappear into the undergrowth as the plants get bigger, a family of frogs in the waterfall, a windmill at the top of the waterfall, a castle to one side and a turret the other, at the front is a penguin, a Cairn terrier, mother rabbit and four bunnies and just on the edge of the beach area is a little boat planted up with livingstone daises, also near the garden seat is a pedestal with squirrels around its base, it was an old birdbath from mum and dads garden which my dogs broke the bath a couple of weeks ago so I have fitted a plant basket on the top, the patio is home to two more rabbit ornaments one of which is a planter with welcome sign in front of the tree trunk, a huge snail planter,choc lab, another Cairn, coloured cat and caterpillar, the patio walls have a fairy light, also a pixie above which hang two fairy chimes, my stone water feature in one corner and half barrel with pump in another, I have concrete frogs popping up in various places as well, on the stand that I grow my cut and grow salad and also home to my money plant in the summer are two terracotta boots, one with a little mouse, various decorative tealight holders, and a little chaffinch bird that is a solar light but also sings any time someone passes nearby, drives my hubby and daughter crazy...
NOPE Honey I don't think I like garden ornaments either, LOL. btw I also have some indoors that haven't made it into the garden yet.
Now where can I get a family of hedgehogs from?????

25 Jun, 2013

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