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Colorado....first walk to look at things!


The terrain is all very stark. The colors at a glance are dusty greens and grays.

Thorns appear to be everywhere, but if you look closely you start to see other things…closer to the ground…..

A seed capsule that is reminiscent of a rose blossom

A black bug scuttling by…

And then you begin to see the flowers…..

Then after a spring rain you see this flowing where yesterday it was dry and dusty….

Then you start to notice that someone, sometime planted flowers and left….

But there are always wonders to be seen….

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I don't know about a "stark terrain" Healerwitch, it looks great to me. My Lhasa and I would love to go 'walkies' there.

3 Feb, 2010


Beautiful. Wonderful. I loved this. I would love to go and see what I could find growing there. I loved the marshy photo. I love wandering through marshes lol.

3 Feb, 2010


looks a great place to have a walk..... love the rainbow.........

3 Feb, 2010


Enjoyed your blog and photos

3 Feb, 2010


I did, too! Thank you. Hw. :-)))

3 Feb, 2010


Lovely rainbow, great photo`s, thankyou for sharing.....

3 Feb, 2010


YW all

Hywel...that is not a marshy literally blooms and turns green once a year during the spring rains, and if it is a bad spring (with little rain) it will skip a year!

3 Feb, 2010


Sorry lol. It looks marshy. Our botany teacher in school used to take us out looking for plants, and we'd go sometimes to a marsh. I loved it :o))

3 Feb, 2010


I loved walking the seasonal wet areas while in Colorado...but it often only lasted a day or two....we were living rough out there and had little money for gas, so side trips during a specific period often went by without us doing anything about it.

Everyday we had to cut firewood, and haul it for the winter. We had no running water and had to haul water also. No the clothes were washed by hand. We got by on just $200 a month, and traded for most everything we couldn't make ourselves! (to download my digital camera....i had to take the camera and the puter to a neighbors house [2miles away] and borrow his electricity!)

So when it came to a stroll just to look around, it often got missed with just surviving... :o(((

Don't get me wrong...we loved it, but it was more work than most 'modern' americans are used to!!

3 Feb, 2010


It sounds great for a holiday, but then to come back home :o)

3 Feb, 2010


Well Hywel, we did come back home...we had to leave our land there and return to Delaware to help out my husbands mother! So that is why I am sharing it now, to bring back memories and to help others see something new and different!


3 Feb, 2010


Thanks . It's very interesting.

3 Feb, 2010


Very interesting blog, HW. I liked all those flowers. I remember the valleys in Cuenca, Spain which I visited on occasions. They very very dry most of the year but in the spring they would bloom with lots of different plants that were invisible during the rest of the year!

9 Feb, 2010

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