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Delay sowing


By great


Next year I think I will delay sowing and planting until mid-April. It has been so cold and wet here in London. I usually start sowing veg and companion plants in Mid-March; due to the changing weather I think I will have to start later! We seem, now, to get the rain at the wrong time and then we get the sun much later. The poor garden doesn’t know what to do!!! We now have what seems like a rainy season and then a dry season. We also seem to get the snow later to groan. Need to think about what plants we grow and how to protect them from scorching temperatures. Maybe provide things like lettuces with parasols to keep the worsted of the sun off, or sunglasses for cabbages!!. I know I’m making light of the changing weather but it will seriously affect what we can grow. We will all have to mulch everything, install water butts (I have already) and think about flowering plants that are better suited to our changing world. Food for thought, I think

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I just wait and see-- I usually make a note of when I plant and the weather conditions, usually around mid march to april, planted toms & peppers in propagator 24 th march and most have now germinated, just planted marigolds and courgettes in cold greenhouse I find that most things catch up, and if I plant too early either the seeds rot off or they need to leave the greenhouse before conditions are right, ' true its food for thought but I know that with a greenhouse I have more control than in an open garden,

5 Apr, 2010


Yes Pamq I'm beginning to think I need a greenhouse!!

5 Apr, 2010


I regularly went to Malham March-April for about 15yrs and we usually got some snow most years. I think that instead of really mild winters we have had a 'proper one' for a change. Still I am hoping for a dry spell so i can get in and do some seroius wedding.

5 Apr, 2010

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