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Chelsea flower show.


Have you all been watching the Chelsea flower show on TV? I noticed growing in an unusual way, in the garden that got best in show, Bearded Iris in pots??? Wow, do you reckon this would be a good way of, one, beating the slug/snail and two, guaranteeing some very showy flowers each year, what does everyone think?? I have some real beauties, orange,bronze,yellow,black, navy blue, but they have refused to flower this year!!!
Answers on a post card please. :0)

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If you put them in a pot at least you can guarantee that the rhizomes can be allowed to see the sun without being overshadowed by other plants. I have one space which I try to keep, for iris only, because of the problem of letting the rhizome get the sun on them. If I plant them amongst other perennials they do stop flowering.

25 May, 2010


Thats interesting, I originally planted then in open ground to baked by the sun but other plants have gently surrounded them and I thought they were being protected by them. Maybe just a little too much then. I will have to re- consider where to plant then this autumn. Thank you.

25 May, 2010


I lost almost all of my iris until a friend told me why. You can move them as soon as flowering is over. Cut the foliage in a spear head shape leaving approx 6"of leaf. Dig up the rhizomes cut off excess roots and rotten looking bits of root. Replant immediately in your pot to let them get growing as soon as possible. The top of the rhizome should be clear of the soil.
The link below is a good one as Kelways are among the top growers of both Iris and Peonies

25 May, 2010


Thanks so much Scotsgran, will do just that and give it a go :0)

26 May, 2010


rmmm never thort of that either must have a look as i have a lot on garderners world they said not to cut them as that wud stop flowering ,which i allways did .

26 May, 2010


Mine are bearded iris maybe you should not treat the little ones the same way.

26 May, 2010


Yes I did watch, and have never grown iris in pots, yet we grow lilies.....

22 Jul, 2010


I have done it now and they are looking good, but the proof will be next May !!

23 Jul, 2010


So the waiting game begins......

23 Jul, 2010


Sure does !! :0))

24 Jul, 2010

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