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All work and no play!


Due to having an unusually busy period at work, I have had to have split days off this week: Mon and Wed, instead of Wed and Thurs. You just can’t get into a job properly when its like this. Normally, this time of year sees us all (at work) starting our Autumn tidy up: last bits of weeding, leaf clearing, shrub pruning, mulching, and fence staining ect, but with around 500 school kids coming over the next few weeks, being short-staffed, having to cut back on spending (the council is skint!) we haven’t even started yet! Its the same at home: trying to find the time to finish almost completed jobs then checking the weather for the week to see if I can start another one. I could do with a week off….
Anyway, this is the flower spike on the ginger lily: it looks more impressive than the actual inflorescance but next year it should be better.

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Did you ever post a picture of it in flower GD? Tried your tags but you dont have it there.

19 Oct, 2010


AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!! The photos have been wiped of the camera.....***###*** teenagers!

21 Oct, 2010

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