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By gattina


I’m up early and online, looking for “pasttime with good company”. Catching up with GoY blogs, I noticed a new one, “Coach Tote Bags”, which I rather doubted was something to grow early potatoes in. Sure enough, it’s one of those pesky commercials that often make their way onto GoY, and, being the good and dutiful guardian of the site that I am, I flagged it. Only then did I go back to read it properly, having had my attention caught by a single phrase. (What the H**l are “penis pumps” and “Fu**able developments”.?) I started to read. Someone here (other than Stickitoffee) is obviously a fan of Google translation services. I have absolutely no doubt that “The boys” will be on Juicy’s case as soon as they rouse themselves from their slumbers, and the blog will be gone in a flash, but I am feeling guilty that I will have deprived you faithful GoYers of a great entertainment opportunity. I thought that it must be a spoof, but on a second (and then a third) reading, I somehow doubt it: it’s the redoubtable Juicy, OBVIOUSLY trying to raise our flagging, snowbound spirits, and by the time most of you get round to reading this, her blog will be just a memory. Sorry!

P.S. (I have copied the blog in it’s entirety for my own, future amusement, so copies will be available for a small fee on application by PM)

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I have flagged it aswell , but I didn't read it. In fact I flagged two blogs. There was another , but I didn't read that one either.

8 Feb, 2012


I read both. You missed a treat there, Hywel.

8 Feb, 2012


I could go back and read them I suppose, but I don't think I can be bothered :o)

8 Feb, 2012


Missed it - but see these ads a lot of Facebook and erm magazines lol

8 Feb, 2012


I saw them Gattina (I was up early for once) only read a bit of them, but being so early I didnt take it in. Lol
Should I flag things like this? seems to of been a few over the last week.

8 Feb, 2012


It would be nice to think that there was a small corner of the WWW. reserved for genteel pastimes, free from the intrusion of these agressive advertisements, for the most part GoY seems to be that place. I count myself lucky to have stumbled onto and into GoY, it is a little haven.

Why they would choose to advertise their wares on a site such as GoY I don't know...But a lot can go on in a potting shed !

8 Feb, 2012


A lot can go on in the potting shed , given the right company , of course , Pimpernel .
Gattina , hope that you weren't too shocked by what you saw ; sometimes when you think that you have seen it all , things can give one pause !
How's the white stuff today ?

8 Feb, 2012


I wasn't shocked at all - it was, from what I could make out, supposed to be advertising a fashion outlet website, but the translation was so appalling that it was hilarious. There are certain translation sites that seem to put the most scurrilous vocabulary in entirely the wrong places.
I was once looking for an English/Venetian dialect translation site, and there was one which cropped up again and again, and all it offered was about 101 ways to be incredibly insulting in Venetian dialect. Not what I was after at all.
This blog seemed to be offering fake designer clothes, shoes and accessories, and the sudden appearance of swear words in the middle of sentences made no sense at all, and can only have been the result of using one of these sites to translate a sales pitch, not an attempt to shock or be pornographic. If you didn't see it, it's hard to explain.
Driad, the white stuff's still with us, and likely to be for weeks yet. OH managed to put the snow chains on the car today and escape far enough to get emergency supplies, but the weather is set to close in again on Friday. It's all fun here, you know!

8 Feb, 2012


Cold Comfort Farm.....I will have to read it again now.

8 Feb, 2012


Ah, Pim, that was "Something nasty in the WOOD shed" - obviously not a gardener! Bilbo, it doesn't sound very sensuous at all - Venetian sounds a bit harsher than Italian, - they tend to chop the vowels off the ends of words, and anyway, it's the tone that's everything when you're swearing at someone!

9 Feb, 2012


Don't think it would appeal to me, either, but now you've made me curious .. I've only ever received one pm from a "member" who wanted tobe my friend and thought we should exchange photos and addresses.

I don't see the point in fake designer clothes, any more than in the fake Rolex watches I keep getting emails for: I wouldn't want a real one, far less a fake.

I've got so many email filters set now; they catch most of the obvious key words - viagra, p*nis (spelled exactly like that to get round the blocks on using the whole word), and it's amazing the number of lonely housewives in my area that are just dying to meet me.

And oh, the number of poor Nigerian princesses who can't get at their dear dead daddy's milions (always millions of US dollars) and want to use my bank account for that purpose - and the number of times I've "won" the lottery, I just need to give them my full name, addres, passport number ...

And the number of banks that have "frozen my account" and so I need to follow the link in their email to input my pasword and pin number - only ever had one "from" the bank I actually b ank with!

Sometimes I do wonder if I might actually have won something and am spamming it, but I doubt it. I can't see Coca-Cola (the latest phish email I got) sending me an email full of spelling and grammatical errors, telling me that I've won the latest "random email lucky dip" of, yes, you guessed it millions of US dollars. I would think that, wree it genuine, they'd at least be able to write correct English!

9 Feb, 2012


lol can't wait to get 'em

9 Feb, 2012

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