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Shrub 15 cutback


Back in May, while clearing the new-found gate from bindweed, I found that Shrub 15 was getting in my way a bit

So I trimmed back the shrub on that side to clear space, and found …

Most of the shrub seemed to be dead, apart from the very tips.

I checked with the gardener and he said it was ok to cut it back to a leaf joint, so I did. A lot of the branches were completely dead and needed to come out anyway – and there were other plants mixed up with it, dead or invading, that also needed to come out.

So I ended up with this:

It was only when I’d cut it back that I found the “right angled” shrub that had been buried behind both shrub 15 and the dead shrub behind it.

I’ve not looked closely lately, so I don’t know yet how it’s going.

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It looks like a very old Lonicera Fran. I hope it regrows, but if not you can remove it and plant something better.

6 Jul, 2014


thanks, Karen, I'd not been able to get an ID on it before (hence the number!). The gardeenr said it'd come back if I left a leaf on each twig, which I did (more or less) so we'll have to wait and see what happens But it must have been years since it had a proper prune, for that much twisting and tangling to have happened.

6 Jul, 2014


A lot of people think planting shrubs is 'less work'. Unless chosen carefully and kept regularly clipped they can be an absolute pain. The corporate gardeners at Matalan near us have several cloud cut shrubs intermingled near the entrance doors and they look very good. Just kept under control with a quick clip with a power assisted tool, about 5 species close together.

7 Jul, 2014


so true, Dorjac! so did I, a bit - but still knew it needed attention.

this needed rather drastic attention because of how long it had been neglected: once it's back to normal, it should need minimal TLC

I checked out cloud pruning; some looked very good, but a lot of it looked a bit urgh. I suppose a well-done pruning would look very nice - lol but i shudder to think how many urghs I'd make while learning!

8 Jul, 2014


They do have to be planted close together and rather mature to be cloud pruned. Its a recent developement for corporate gardeners but spectacular at a Welsh castle that I can't recall the name of. It is done on very ancient yews. Must take a photo of the Matalan ones. If shrubs are planted close they tend to be less vigorous. Steady rain all day so far.

10 Jul, 2014


sounds like it's more of a professional concept, for large spaces.

sorry for the rain, been gloriously sunny here - spent an hour in my pool, wallowing and luxuating (just to rub it in)

10 Jul, 2014

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