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"Lego" raised beds??


I was looking for “raised beds” that were more “raised” than usual, and came across this site: plastic bricks that can be fitted together, taken down, reassembled differently and so on …

This might be the answer to my porblem! The EO has told me that I can’t have anything permanent, everything i put in has to be able to be removed “for the next tenant”, which rules out brick, stone, railway sleeper ar indeed most woden raised beds, unless I get them built on “legs” that can be moved or removed.

what do people reckon on these?

I emailed to ask how mnay bricks wree used in the projects shown on the site, to give me some idea of how many I might need to order: he said “The garden planter uses 140 bricks, the pond in the vidio uses 148 bricks and the shed uses 800 bricks,” and recommended that I buy 150 to give me some idea of what I might do with them.

but this is one project that looks easy enough for me not to get bored, or discouraged, halfway through! and it’s raising money for a good cause as well.

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At £2 per brick + £15 delivery charge, that seems very expensive to me, Fran. Not sure what good cause benefits - couldn't see anything on their site but perhaps I wasn't looking in the right place :)

Having said that, it is a good idea and I've seen a similar idea with wooden blocks but I can't remember where - I'm sure it must have been in some gardening magazine or catalogue somewhere!

I will be interested to hear how you get on if you decide to go ahead with it.

12 Jun, 2014


There were some hinged wooden formers in Wilko I saw some time ago but you hadn't mentioned raised beds then Fran. What a shame you can't alter much in the garden. Still it is very nice as it is, as far as I can see. Just looked at 'planting bags'. Saw some made of tough black plastic Fran. Very reasonable price and very easy to fold up and recycle or fold away. Don't know what you would do with the soil though!

12 Jun, 2014


The bricks are a great idea, but I don't like the colours. I have seen the wooden ones...sure to be more expensive though.

12 Jun, 2014


I'm glad you put this on, as I'm looking for the same thing to go around the greenhouse to grow veggies in!

12 Jun, 2014


@Gee - the good cause is in the video on the site's Home page, I may have put the Garden page link in - he wants to raise money to get polystyrene blocks for emergency shelters in disaster zones. I hadn't actually worked out the cost per birck, but you're right, it is a tad excessive!

I've thought about railway sleepers If I could get someone to cut them into blocks ...

@ Dorjac, hinged wooden formers? I'll have to check out what those are - saw some raised-bed thingies at my local Wilco, but as usual, they do the height in inches and I need feet.

I've got some folding "patio veg planters", they might be ok in summer, but don't look as if they'd offer much insulation from cold.

@ Karen, thanks, I'll Google them, i'd not thought of it, not knowing that such were available.

the colours are rather limited: not sure I'd go for green or I might never find it again!

i did think of findin a railway sleeper seller and suggesting they cut them and sell blocks; sure more people would buy more, as not restricted to straight lines of set lengths. never got around to it, sigh.

ps just Googled "railway sleeper blocks" - seem to be a lot of them about!!

pps: this compnay does "railway sleepers for gardening", and has oak blocks, sawn officuts in various sizes - must get my imperial head round millimetres!!!

12 Jun, 2014

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