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shrub with right-angled stem??


while clearning up the corner of the back garden, I found htis shrub huddled at the back, covered and smothered by overcrowding plants.

what kind of pressure would make the stem bend trhough several right angles??

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It has bent to go round something that was shading it, and then when it could see fresh air again it straightened up again.

I'd cut one of the branches off just above the first bend to see if it will resprout from lower down. If it does you can gradually do the whole thing and have a nice well shaped bush again. It looks like some sort of cotoneaster that's been well covered with ivy.

6 Jun, 2014


it certainly was crowded, Snoop - "shrub 15" had totally blanketed it, to the extent that I didn't even know this was there until I'd cut that one back quite a way.

Thanks, Stera, I'll try that - start at the top and work down, you mean? see how the first cut goes, then extend it downwards so it all grows straight.

I don't know how long the place had been empty before I viewed it, but this much neglect can't have happened in afew months, or even a season; there must be years-worth of lack of TLC here.

6 Jun, 2014


A garden is such a fragile place if not continuously tended. About half the width of the path to our garden shed is taken over by shrubs. I hate having to cut them back, as it looks so bare for a while, but they soon bounce back and might need another clipping later on. It can be left untidy, as parts of our garden are, as it is more kind to wildlife too if things are left less tidy. Every gardener has their own style. Some like even the weeds to stand to attention, as a friend once said of someone.

7 Jun, 2014


I've been going a bit soft on them, in case I did too much, but the gardener said that you have to be firm with shrubs, or they take advantage of you - bit like kids, they need firm didscipline or htey run wild and take over!

But i'lls till go carefully, one step ata time, so i can find the right level working down, rather than go too far and have to work back up!

7 Jun, 2014


I must admit to letting my shrubs (but not my children!) run a bit wild, Fran. Hope that shrub straightens intself up and behaves :)

8 Jun, 2014


thanks Gee - never had kids so I've only got plant experience to go by, and not much of that till I moved here! I've not cut it back yet, been somewhat torrential outside, but as soon as I can go outside withyout wearing a wetsuit, I'll give it a go

9 Jun, 2014

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