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circular bird's nest?


I was trying my binoculars, hoping to spot the bird I could hear, when I saw this – it looked too regular to be natural, so I tried a pic:

It looked like a bird standing in the circle, but I watched it for a few minutes and didn’t notice it moving, so maybe it was a dangling leaf

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Curious Fran.....

it may just be an optical illusion, can you look from another angle?

4 Mar, 2014


OOOOOOOOOOOOOH It's a warning "captain mannering"
It's the dreaded spring ivy warning us thats winters over,

Or may be just maybe Your binno's need a clean?

4 Mar, 2014


We sat in our garden on Sunday with a coffee and the same thing happened here. We saw something fluttering, OH said he thought it was a bit of plastic blown into the silver birch in the wood, I watched and watched and it looked most definitely like a bird flapping its wings. On closer inspection it was just a carrier bag but it was so strange watching it from a distance it did so look like a bird flapping and trying to attract a mate. lol.

Talking of birds though this morning whilst listening to bbc news and watching the birds feeding on the nut feeders, my usual male woodpecker came and lo and behold within minutes of him landing was his mate and they both fed on peanuts for a good 5 minutes before taking off again. Keep your binoculars pinned on that there tree Fran you never know what you might spy.

Bye the way happy gardening, you have been working so hard, hope the bones are not too tired today to do some more later on when it has warmed up for you.

4 Mar, 2014


Possibly, Pam, but lol it took me long enough to locate my "bendy" conifer from the open ground on the other side! As it was, I had to take three pics of the stretch of trees, step by ste, cos even on max zoom the camera couldn't get as closey as the binoculars. I'll have a go from the other side, or maybe further down the road, but re-finding something is a lot harder than finding it in the first place! But I'll keep checking, if i remember to¬

Very likely, Snoop - I read, years ago, that perfect shapes couldn't be natural - if something's perfectly straight or perfectly round, it has to be artificial, but I've not heard of any bird that makes "hoop" nests!

lol Dungy, I'm visually impaired and have a spine injury that means I have very litle shoulder-arm strength - just holding the binoculars up is a strain

I found a "plastic bag bird" a while ago, Olive - heard a bird, saw something at the very top of a bare tree near where the sound seemed to be coming from, but it turned out to be a plastic bag, sigh.

hmm, I've got two different seed mixes and suet in the feeders, but no nuts; maybe I should try them as well.

I am aching a bit today, but not as much as I'd feared I would - but then I've been just sitting around, not doing much. I'll try to get the rest of the bulbs in this week. And then look for somethign else to do :-)

4 Mar, 2014


You are not alone Fran - I saw what I thought was a white owl or other large bird in a tree along the river as I looked out my bedroom window. I couldn't help myself, along I walked turned out to be a large piece of plastic!

4 Mar, 2014


We have a lot of ivy growing through the hedge at the bottom of our gardens, the birds love it, the dreaded plastic bag is annoying when it settles in the tops of the trees and hedgerows, even more so when you haven't noticed it and then its flapping about in the dark, scaring me and making the dogs bark.......

4 Mar, 2014


lol shows how bad my vision is, I've only just seen the typo in the blog title, and corrected it! "brid" - dohhhh!!!!

5 Mar, 2014

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