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2 out of 3 ain't bad


I managed to get some (fairly) clear pics of two of the “buds first” shrubs, but still can’t manage to get any of the third – maybe it’s camera-shy or something.

Shrub 1

Shrub 2

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Your flowering shrub is Chaenomeles...Japanese quince. Very beautiful and has edible fruits in the autumn....but they need cooking. The last one.....not at all sure, but think it's a flowering currant. You'll soon have pink flowers if I'm right! :)) is the next to last pic of a different shrub Fran? It looks different.

28 Feb, 2014


Hi Fran... that pink quince is very pretty :o)

28 Feb, 2014


thanks, Karen and TT,

No, Karen, they last two are the same shrub, just that only one of them is in proper focus! and they're of different parts of the shrub.

Someone mentioned Ribes in another blog, that'd be the Currant, yes? There were three shrubs in that one, all more or less blurred.

My predecessor apparently liked multi-function plants, beautiful and edible - if I get to 'em before the birds do

but that's two names I've got fixed, now to heck out habit and growth, so thank you both very much xx

28 Feb, 2014


:)) enjoy your research Fran! yes, Ribes is the Latin. :))

28 Feb, 2014


thanks, Karen. Done some searching for the Quince: prob is, most pics show it wiht red flwoers; there are some wiht pink, but not knowing the sub-species ...

RHS keeps throwing a sulk, telling me it can't find any plants under any of the names, nor Ribus, either. Poor thing must be tired out.

Still, now I know the generic name, that's something! Care should be roughly the same for each sub-type

28 Feb, 2014


Ribes is flowering currant but you don't get currants!
Its a hardy shrub, ours is in the hedge and gets attacked by the flail hedger every yearand cut back regularly

the chaeomeleles is really pretty colour, I've seen orange ones that are not so nice

28 Feb, 2014


I would say it is Chaenomeles japonica Fran at a guess, but I don't know the name of the cultivar I'm afraid. However, if you search Chaenomeles on here, in 'C' at the bottom of the page, you might find someone who knows, or at least a picture of one that is similar. :)

28 Feb, 2014


There was a question about Japonica dated Feb 21st Fran, whilst reading it and the discussion that followed I discovered my Chaenomeles was also known as Japonica, also that its possibly in the wrong spot in my garden, I suggest you check under J and see where that gets you, failing that go to questions and have a natter with Bamboo and all the members on there.....I like those pages, one often gets an answer without even asking, lol....

28 Feb, 2014


Thanks, Pam - so Ribus gives as many currents as flowering cherry gives cherries!

Thanks, Karen, GoY is usually the best resource :-|}

Thanks, Lincs! I'll check, J, C and then Q!

nothing in GoYpedia for Chaenomeles or Japonia. Asked Google - the first choice was "Chaenomeles Japonica", so went with that.

RHS: (though their pic has red flower, and Gardeners' World gives flower colour as orange)

ya pays ya money ...

28 Feb, 2014


I had a red and an pink in my last garden, and the pink was grown up against a north facing wall, it did just as well as the red growing in full sun, the fruits where a bit smaller though

28 Feb, 2014


this is against the south face of a fence, it seems to like it there, whatever sub-variety it is, :-) I like it there, too.

1 Mar, 2014


Looks like lots of interesting happenings in your new garden, Fran, must be like Christmas every day :)

1 Mar, 2014


better, Gee - I don't have to pretend to be pleased when someone gives me something boring!

2 Mar, 2014


I was excited when I visited the town where we now live with my dad, before moving here when I was in my mid-teens, & we saw quince growing up the walls alongside their front doors & in flower! As a boy growing up in London I'd never seen anything like it!

Only one house still conserves one of these dark red quinces any longer. I have never grown one myself but I helped rescue one in our daughters garden a few years ago which was crowded out by a Hebes - now the tables have been turned & it's the Hebe that needs rescuing from the quince!

9 Mar, 2014


Good to know that the Quince has made a comeback - lol that'll teach the Hebe to be a bully! I'm gradually learning the names of the shrubs, thanks entirely to GoYers, so I'll be able to look up care etc and add them to my "garden" here

9 Mar, 2014

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