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I was surprised and delighted to receive a package one day from Dorjac (I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d remembered to check my pm’s and read her note that she’d sent it).

The package included:
Sempervivum Arachnoideum or spider web houseleek,
Sempervivum Calcareum,
Heuchera Petit Marbled Burgundy
and a fourth that I’m not sure of

I potted the Sempers into small strawberry trays – I knew I’d find a use for them if I kept them long enough! It was the only thing I could find that was both shallow enough and wide enough – and the Heuchera and the fourth plant into small biodegradable peat pots – had them for years and forgotten I had them, so thought it was about time I used them.

Sempervivum Arachnoideum or spider web houseleek

Sempervivum Calcareum:

Heuchera Petit Marbled Burgundy:

not sure of this one:

I moved both the Heuchera and the fourth plant into larger pots, peat pots and all, as they looked ready to move up.

I’ve kept them in the mini-greenhouse for now – though that turned out not as safe as I’d thought! Sitting here at the PC, I heard some irregular scrabbling noises coming from outside; at first I thought, oh, squirrels, but they went on for a while so I went out to see what was causing it.

I’d been right; it was a squirrel – one had got into the top shelf of the green house and was trying to get out through the sides and back! When it saw me it finally dived out of the front, past me and away. It had been scrabbling across the trays; I replanted the tiny Sempers it had uprooted, and can only cross my fingers – and keep the front flap down and at least partly zipped to prevent further incursions.

Thanks so much for the gift, Dorjac, and I very much hope that I can bring them up to the lovely plants I’ve seen in your photos and blogs!

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Perrishing squirrels!

I love the clump of house leeks and hope they are ok...

And another lovely little Heuchera, so kind of Dorjac

22 Oct, 2012


people on GoY are so nice - I started with one Heuchera, well two of one species, and now have five. I hope I can treat the Sempeors as they deserve, but as my first ever, this is going to be a learning experience.

22 Oct, 2012


A lovely surprise,for you Fran..lovely to get presents through the post,isn't it? I hope they do well for you..:o)

22 Oct, 2012


Thats grand Fran, I hope they thrive, squirrels permitting, isn`t it a good feeling to get a gift out of the blue....

22 Oct, 2012


Very nice, and you deserve first prize for recycling by the way! Squirrels...what are they like...

22 Oct, 2012


It is lovely to get plants through the post, I agree, so glad you have some too Fran. What would we do without our nice kind Goy. friends?? I have to keep chasing a pesky squirrel away at the mo. he keeps trying to bury acorns etc in my pots. bloomin pest.

22 Oct, 2012


What a lovely surprise for you Fran and those squirrels ! well they are becoming a real nightmare , I seem to remember that at one time there was talk off giving them a birth control pill or did I dream that one up ? ......

23 Oct, 2012


I know how you feel Fran. A rather Large cheeky, bold squirrel has been scratting at my Heuchera pots with offsets frustrating. On Friday last week he was upside down on my seed feeder munching at the hulled sunflower seeds. Planting hazel nuts galore. How do they eat upside down? Hope they get on OK Fran

23 Oct, 2012


Thank you all for your lovely encouraging comments.

oh, Dorjac, what a pain! I moved all my small plants from the table near the fence to the one outside my lounge window (and there's still one who uses the space between the back of the pots and the window as a runway!) and scattered chilli over the troughs that are now near the fence, as well as the corner pots on the end table.

I've long stopped putting my feeders out. If i could put them in the green beyond the garden, and put wire mesh roiund them, I'd do so - but even if I squirrel-proof the feeders insid emy garden, the squirrels will be atracted, and not being able to get at the food, will do other damage instead.

I've got the front of the greenhouse down now, and zipped to ate least the top shelf; for some reason the zip doesn't want to go much lower and I don't want to force it; I hope there'll be something to update soon.

24 Oct, 2012

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