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last night's meteor


Did anyone see the apparent meteor last night? and did anyone get any pictures?

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Hi Fran....

No, I didn't see the meteor but saw footage on the TV news.

Apparently there's just a chance it could have fallen to ground in southern England.

Also, there's a huge lottery win not yet been claimed.

So lucky if you find the winning lottery ticket... and maybe lucky if you're the one who finds the meteor.

But unlucky if you have both ..
the meteor landed on your winning ticket ;o) Lol.

4 Mar, 2012


lol: or it landed on you as you brandished your winning ticket in the air while dancing in the street in triumpth!

whenever I hear "unclaimed lottery" I think, I wonder ...? but I do mine online, and they'd let me know. Won a tenner twice, wich they'd put a few more zeroes after it!

Amazing what can fall from the sky: and that, despite the evidence of hundreds of eye-witnesses over hundreds of years, and holes in the ground, even a couple of hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson, President of the United states, could respond with great scepticism: "Gentlemen, I would rather believe that two Yankee professors would lie than believe that stones fall from heaven."

*s* while looking for the exact quote, found this: - "Where Science, Education, and Collecting Meet"

4 Mar, 2012


Lol. Fran.
I hope you'll win the lottery, with no meteors too near ....

4 Mar, 2012


lol give me enough money and time, and I'll create an underground secret bunker inside an extinct volcano and make sure it's meteor-proof

4 Mar, 2012


If you manage that I'll add it to GoYpedia Design Ideas ;o)

4 Mar, 2012


grins it's a deal. and of course there'd be underground gardens and even forests, all grown with artificial sunlight ...

4 Mar, 2012


You two are having fun this morning!
Does anyone know if it has been found? Imagine finding a meteor! Wouldn't it still be hot?

4 Mar, 2012


very, I should think! I don't know how long it'd take to cool down enough to be handled with special equipment - depends on the size, I'd imagine. But given that it's in free-fall all the way down, and it's the friction against the air that makes it glow as it burns up, I think more than a pair of oven gloves would be needed!

I've not heard any more since I read the original BBC news report that prompted me to post this blog: it might be on a news broadcast when it's found, just have to wait and see

4 Mar, 2012

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