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Anyone want a solar fountain?


I have a four-bowl solar fountain that’s going spare if anyone wants it.

I wanted one for years, bought this even before I moved to a place that had a garden (it was about a year before I got it out of the box! and that was at my garden in DITO, which is where the pic was taken – only one I have of it in action).

But it’s no use here; I only get about an hour’s direct sunlight every day (well, not every day!) and the solar panel refuses to work in anything but direct sunlight. Besides, I don’t have the space for it now I’ve got plant tables and a lot more ground plant pots.

For the past year it’s been stacked under a table. I don’t know what made me think of it now, I’ve certainly not thought much about it in the last year. It’s doing me no good there, so it might as well do someone else some good somewhere else.

It got iced up last year when it snowed; it took me a while to remember that I had it, and to get the ice out. I’ve not had it erected since, so I can’t promise that the icing didn’t have any effect – the manual said that the bowls were frost proof but it also said to avoid frosts – I queried this and was told that water freezing in the pipe might not do it much good. But even if the pipe does need replacing, that won’t cost as much as buying a whole fountain.

If anyone’s willing to find out, it yours for the asking. I’ve got the manual in PDF format: I could print it or email it.

It’d need to be picked up from East London – doubt I could afford the postage costs even if I could box it safely and lift it!

I did think of posting this as a question, but it’s not exactly a gardening question, and anything else would be deleted, it says.

Could we have a “swopshop” section? There must be other people with stuff to give away, and others who could find exactly what they’ve been looking for for years.

Of course, I could put the fountain on Freecycle, which is exactly such a swopshop, but I thought, garden ornament, go to the gardeners first!

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That's a kind thought Fran.
I hope you find a good home for the fountain :o)

20 Dec, 2011


Looks very nice, if I were nearer!! nice addition for someone : )

20 Dec, 2011


It's pretty. Someone might have just the right spot for it. You are very thoughtful :o)

20 Dec, 2011


Well, I take more stuff to the charity shop than to the dustbin. I hate throwing stuff away when there's nothing wrong with it except that it doesn't fit me or I don't have room for it. lol I'll hang on to stuff for months trying to find a home for it

next time I'll get one than runs on batteries! a rechageable one that i can top up from the mains, since it'd be a bit heavy on the Ever-Readies.

20 Dec, 2011


Hi Fran I think its lovely and I wish I lived nearer was looking for a water feature for a little area in my garden:)

21 Dec, 2011


Bournemouth is a bit far to lug stuff to, sigh. Lol any chance you’ll be coming to London for the Olympics? We could trade – I need more beach stones for my planters!

hmm, maybe I could post it a bit at a time ... and you could post me stones back! *s*

22 Dec, 2011



22 Dec, 2011


Hello Fran Has your solar fountain been taken up as you requested? It's just my colour and I live on the edge of East London. Not able to collect, as I have my left leg in plaster due to ankle injury.....not allowed to put on the ground. We get lots of sunshine. I too hate throwing things to recycle if possible or give away. Have a jolly Xmas too.

22 Dec, 2011


It's still up for grabs, Dorjac. Sorry to her about your being plastered, but if you want it and can pick it up - even if not for six months - then I'll hold it for you, Or maybe you could get someone to pick up for you. It's not as if it's in the way at the moment.

22 Dec, 2011

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