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Spare a thought


By dungy


Well ive not been on this forum for a while but because of “e mails” being sent asking me to write again And the fact its a new year (2014) Ive decided to give it ago,

Well i’ll start by saying it’s not a good year by any means for those in england who’ve experienced the bad weather, Im talking about the floods,
Those people in the likes of somerset have really been hit and its not over yet,

Can you really think what it must be like to wake up one morning and your hobby has gone, no quick ideas here to start again,
But for every bad thing in life there’s always some good some place It’ just trying to see the good that can be hardest,
And we can still help what nature has’nt taken from the gardens and thats the birds for one,

They’ll thank you for any food you can spare and they’ll bring a warm feeling in the spring when they sing,

It’s not their fault whats happend and if any creature can bring some life back into those flooded gardens when all this weather curse has gone “It’s the wild life” and the sound of the birds singing.

Im very lucky "we left the uk and moved here to france years ago, And all to have the chance of a larger garden and to live in the deep deep countryside of france,

But gardeners no matter we’re the garden site maybe
the world over do think alike and my thoughts go to those who are suffering one of lifes hard times.
As ive said spare a thought.

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hi dungy welcome back how did you get on with howard and the new planting area,yes your right about emails you caused quite a stir here lots of support and i hope the past is not repeated steve

2 Feb, 2014


Hello Dungy ...
nice to hear from you ...
... yes ... good to encourage the birds back into our gardens :o)

2 Feb, 2014


Good to see you back Dungy. And I agree with everything you've said. I too have been lucky; no floods here just outside Brussels.

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back, we have missed your interesting and amusing blogs, hope the weather is better in France.

2 Feb, 2014


Nice to see you Dungy, I agree with you about th birds, little perishers keep me busy filling up the feeders,
I just drove through a local village and there along the hedgerows are hundreds af snowdrops in flower, really cheered me up!

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back Dungy, I too have missed your blogs and therefore pleased to see you back with us..
The birds are very good company in our gardens and as the sun is shining again today (thats 2days in a row) they are singing there little hearts out.....
Its heartbreaking for those in the flooded areas and though I admit to moaning at all the weeks of rain we've had here, I thank my lucky stars that I'm not in their situation.

2 Feb, 2014


Thanks for the welcome back,
"But ive not forgotten why i said goodbye and it was because of abuse from a person who just enjoyed causing upset and also the lack of anything being done by the admin to stop such abuse inspite of so many members complaining and using the flag system,

Ive decided to try again because of members asking "But i'll make no bones about the fact that should this sort of pure abuse happen again and the admin give no support then it really will be goodbye and for good.

Now having cleared the air and i hope made a valued point as a member we can move on and share and enjoy what gardening is all about, that and country living.

Lots of things have happend here in this little part of france, And so far "febuary 2nd" we've been spared the bad weather,
Now having said that the grounds all soggy and any digging is out of the question just now "but" above ground things such as removing those tree branches and any tree trunks that need taking down!!!!!

Well nows a good time to start the chain saw's or use the manual saw's to do this work "the saps low down the tree's just now" Hence the cutting into the wood will be easier and the tools wont blunt so quickly.

Even a simple thing like walking around the garden and having a look at what needs attention for the spring growing time can be done now,

Yes to plan now while you can see the border in its winter state (ie nude ) is a good thing,

Other future jobs such as the garden machines can all be sorted while the weathers not being very kind outside,

Yes just because its winter isn't any reason why you can't spend your free time being active,

Im about to mount (i should have said errect) my latest bird nesting box into one of the apple trees in the orchard,
it's a good solid one and ive gone completly over the top and fixed some spare lead roofing on it.

So dont become a stiffy "get out and enjoy today & all it has to offer".
Good gardening to you all.

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back from me too Dungy. For some strange reason - here in Edinburgh we are still experiencing some lovely weather and still able to get out and about in the garden.
Boy, you've posh bird nesting boxes over there in France. I hope they appreciate your effort ;)

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back Dungy, it's good to hear from you again. I agree, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have my house and garden flooded and my thoughts are with all those people who are suffering.

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back Dungy, it's nice to have you back. I agree with you, I cannot imagine how soul destroying it must be to see your home and garden awash with deep, filthy water with no way of stopping it.
As for your reasons for not being on GoY for such a long time PLEASE don't let small minded people make you lose contact with those people who are your REAL friends. I speak from experience, I too almost closed my GoY account for similar reason you refer to...I'm so glad I just ignored the perpetrator and remained loyal to my true friends.

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back Dungy! So pleased you've come back! My part of England is having a lovely winter, yes it's wet but there's no snow and very little frost and the garden hasn't really been to sleep. There are signs of spring everywhere. I had a look round today and noticed my flowering currant is spritting already! I can't imagine how awful it must be to be flooded though, absolutely awful for those affected.

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome back from me too Dungy,so glad to hear from you again..small minded people are just that..I have thought a lot about the wildlife in these awful flooded areas too,and not forgetting all the little creatures who live in and around the river banks.surely a lot of them will have perished? I'm sure it must have affected them dreadfully..We have been very lucky,here in Yorkshire so far..and lovely sunshine all day,today ! :o)

2 Feb, 2014


Welcome Back Dungy we have not had a cold winter yet Dungy

Infact it's been so very mild can tell by what's still growing.

But a lack of birds

We have had a week of wet weather last week but nothing like Somerset
Sunday we did see sunshine the whole day and yesterday was dry I was in my garden all morning but it's back to rain this morning.

Spring is on it's way.

4 Feb, 2014


Its sunny and breezy here too although I dread to think of the forecast.....
signs of spring are the fattening buds on the trees and lovely perfumed blossom on the mahonia, all very early this year

4 Feb, 2014


Delighted to find you're back here again, Dungy! I haven't logged in much since Christmas myself, been skiing in the Pyrenees. I returned to Blighty with bruised/cracked ribs sustained just a few days before flight back, expected to be busy in the garden preparing for Spring but the ground is far too soggy and I'm too sore, lol. As well as Brittany SE and SW France were awash in January , but the weather seems to have hit the UK harder and for longer. Mother Nature has made 2014 a year to remember already! I have been out in my garden taking photos of plants in flower ... snowdrops, cyclamen, vibernum, primroses, winter jasmine ... and lots of other plants are showing signs of waking up too, Spring isn't so very far away.

10 Feb, 2014

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