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Another days coming to its end,


By dungy


Evening folks, Well the days almost finished and "am i ready for bed, im really all in tonight,
I did return to the gite to plant some tagete plants into the troughs and really just close the windows,

I keep a plastic container in the boot of the car just incase
I come across any of the stray hunting dogs that seem to be lost,

A few weeks ago we did see two of them and they looked in a bad state,
the trouble with some of the french (not all) is that they dont seem able to understand how to look after an animal,

You’ll see some dogs really cared for and others well over weight and then you’ll see some that are really stared and the chances are they’re not road trained and this is another thing “dead dogs on the side of roads”

We have a local ex-pads news paper here and its free
its a monthly issue and i was reading it tonight and they’re warning people to be on the look out for drunken deer’s,
Yes “deer”, whats going on here is the Deer are eating leaves off certain trees that are toxic and have a high alcohol content and this is causing the Deer to become drunk and these are ending up on the roads,
Maybe they’re out on a stag night (sorry could’nt resist it)
Well its been a nice day but thats it until monday.

We’re off to some craft fair tomorrow so that’ll be a change.
Goodnight all.

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Enjoy the craft fair Dungy, watch out for any drunken stags on the way!lol

I'm off to Chester this morning then will spend the rest of the day in the garden. Not that there's much to do in there at the moment, but somehow I always find something that needs doing!

6 Jul, 2013


Around here it is dead badgers that litter the country roads, hit by cars travelling too fast at night (I think it may be the drivers who are under the influence!). Oddly the kites don't seem interested in the carcasses, too big perhaps.
The deer are more often seen visiting gardens and helping themselves to the tender shoots on our precious plants. They are very attractive animals but wish they would stay in the woods!

6 Jul, 2013


Missed this little gem.

Can you send me some of those alcholic leaves. Should go down a treat with the magic mushrooms and wild poppies.

6 Jul, 2013

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