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Time just flying by.


By dungy


Good evening all,
Well the weather here has again not been the best of past june weather,
Infact its been more like a september day than june.

Ive been in the barn most of the day doing what should have taken a few hours has infact took all day,
“just mounting a wooden tool box onto the rear of a mini tractor”.
It’s one of those jobs you have to get right, ie ensure the box will not fall off or get in the way of the verious kit that fits onto the rear of the tractor,

But im pleased to say its a job done & done properly and should last for years,

Other than that ive not done anything work wise in the garden today.

Its saturday tomorrow and the start of another weekend,
we’re the time goe’s i just dont know,

I remember when i decided to take early retirement i asked a few friends what they thought about retirement
and what did they do with all the time they now had?

Well the same reply came back time & time again and it went like this,

“I dont know we’re i got the time to go to work when i did work”

And i must agree, im never bored, ive always plenty to do “but more importantly” I enjoy having the day to myself,
So if any of you are coming up to retirement and going through the
“what will i do with all the time i’ll have”?

Your more than welcome to join the old farts club and never a moment to spare brigade.

Regards Dungy.

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I'm 50 now so retirement is a still a long way off for me. To be honest I fear it. I'll probably be poor and lonely, not looking forward to it at all. I think retirement is fine for those who have the money to enjoy pleasant activity, but it can be scary for those who don't have much to spend.

I rely on work for my social life and the interactions that keep me sane. One woman I work with is 75 and still doesn't plan to retire as far as I know. Work can be a lifeline for some people.

22 Jun, 2013


I agree Louisa. I loved my job and would have gone on forever if my body could have coped. I miss the challenges, the company, change of scenery and had a far better night's sleep after a satisfying day's work. The freedom of being retired can be good, but holidays have lost much of their appeal and options for the future become more limited as time passes. I intended to continue working as long as possible and regret having to retire..... I retrained a couple of years before I retired and loved the new direction my career took but my body just wasn't up for it. Retirement brought a slower pace of life and my strength has ebbed accordingly ... many of the things I had planned to do in my retirement I physically cannot do. Sadly gardening has become a main occupation and consequently has lost some of the appeal it had as a hobby too. No, retirement isn't a bed of roses.

23 Jun, 2013


Sorry to hear that Xela. Yes, the physical side of not being able to do as much as I do now is worrying too. Not that I want to dwell on it much. I intend to enjoy the present, while I'm still physically quite fit although I've never been strong, I can do all I want to. At the moment I still have my parents, my job, my income, and my car which brings me freedom, and I want to keep them all as long as possible. I'll face the future, and retirement, when it comes but I don't look forward to it.

23 Jun, 2013

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