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Hello anyone there!!!


By dungy


Morning sun seekers,
It’s forcast to be sunny this morning and light rain this afternoon,
So unless we have snow and a sand storm we’ve had the lot this month of june.

Ive not long come home from our “Walkies” down the track to the small river,
Ive been attacked by 1000’s of water midgets and a slug that wanted a lift to our place “He stuck to my welly boot”

Her indoors said “dont kill it take it back to the track and chuck it onto the bank”

She really would’nt kill a fly,

Anyway it was while i was looking to see if anyone was watching me saying good bye to “mr slime” that i thought i heard a buzz buzz buzz, like a vibrating sort of a sound,

I stood there and listerning again “but nothing”
Then as i walked away again a Buzz Buzz Buzz sound!!

Now i did hear this this time,
" was it Mr slime saying goodbye?"

Even i know slug’s cant talk and bee’s keep forgetting the words thats why they hummmmmmmmm,

Then i nearly jumped out of my skin when i heard a voice talking to me through the hedge!!!!

Was i going mad? BUZZ BUZZe’S And now voices & was Mr slime giving me the two finger sign?

(No it was his sticking up bits on his head,)

Then the face appeared through the hedge and “c” mon my nearest neighbour was pokinging her head through the fence telling me she’d left her mobile phone in the garden and couldnt find it so she’s telephoned her self to see if she could hear it, "Can you hear a sound like a buzzing "she asked?

As i returned her look i could see she was still in her night coat and some form of head covering and white cream on her face,

I didnt know if i should scream and run or just go and find a dark room and lay down,

Just then “her in doors appeared” and tells me i’ll get locked up if i keep talking to myself and have i let that little innocent slug return to the wild?

She then saw "c"mon and without a shudder at her looks she says good morning to her "ignor him he’s getting older and some times she couldnt understand me and the strange things i do and then she say’s to our neighbour “Is that your mobile sitting on the hedge?”

I just walked away went in my greenhouse and thought "Hello is there anyone there?

Have a nice one folks.

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Love your updates Dungy, I can picture it all!

22 Jun, 2013


You'll probably get more respect from your plants Dungy, I bet they understand you,LOL.
Happy to report blue skies and sunshine both sides the hedges at the moment, fingers xx for a good weekend.....

22 Jun, 2013


Hi my favourit member,

Louisa I really do like you "honest" no messing about,
But "yes there's always a but"
Money really can be a curse in life,

I was lucky or unlucky enough "depends on your view of life" to go to a few 3rd world countries as a british soldier, and ive seen first hand true poverty,
People not only living on the poorest of life's food chain and living conditions but the women being treated by the men folk in very bad ways, and the women being expected to take beatings and have children they just cant ever expect to afford,
women covered so just their eyes are on view,

You have a much better life than a lot of people in this very cruel world,

I was given a good bit of advice once and im going to pass it on to you and anyone who wants to read it,

Your given two guarantee's in life,

(1) Your born,
if your lucky enough to have good health when you arrive ! "All the better,

(2) the second guarantee in life,

" no matter who you are, how rich or poor" if your the queen the pope, any living soul, Is that one day you'll die.

The important thing is what you do between these two guarantees in life,

you can do almost anything in life if you really try,

But you need to want it strongly enough to make it work.
One thing i did see in all of those 3rd world countries was that the children who we're not sick all had the brightest of smiles you could ever hope to see.

Money and power are more of a curse than they are worth,
Inner true feelings are there and what you do about the rest of your life is all up to you,

for real insperation of greed just watch the kids on shows such as the x-factor, they'll never have enough of anything, always wanting more &more.

You've got time "use it" to get what you want out of life.


22 Jun, 2013


great up date , you do paint a wonerful picture in the mind :) unfortunately i got caught in the down pour :( and so did this lovely lady with her bright pink umbrella that macthed her lipstick. however did enjoy my work as the cowslips looked very beautiful with rain droplets on.

plenty of slugs about too.

from jane.

22 Jun, 2013


That's true Dungy, I know I'm wealthy compared to a lot of people in the world, but I still fear retirement, probably because of the unknown. Most people have some fear of the unknown.

22 Jun, 2013

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