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Can Spring be far away ?


By driad


I haven’t blogged for a while , so here goes .
We’ve been back from Lanzerote for nearly a week now .
It was a good break ,rather windy , intermittant cloud and sun , but enjoyable (20c).
It is an island that the eye has to be tuned into because there are so many shades of sand and tuffa (the volcanic rock ) , and on first glimpses it looks quite dull . Its probably like marmite .
There was lots of green ( we were in the north and possibly the damper part ). Plenty of "farming " going on of vegetables , and they are still producing cochineal ,which is obtained from the beetle that lives on one of the larger cactus ; this is grown by the field-full .
Cactus are everywhere and the variety is astounding ; there is a cactus garden that is abundant with them , and they have also imported lots from Mexico . OH insisted that I take lots of pics for Hywel , so stand-by .
Today a youth came to prune the apple trees , and he had a go at the Buddlea . It was a lovely bright morning , so I helped him load up the bin ( that put the cleaning on hold for a while anyway ).
After lots of soul-serching , and not a little negotiation with the District Council , we have permission to fell the massive Pine tree in the garden , at the end of the month . I hope that we are doing the right thing !
The mornings and evenings are much lighter now , so we only have a short while to wait for Spring .
Seeds to sort in a big way .

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You'll probably be really glad the pine tree has gone. We had the same dilemma and as soon as it went we knew we'd done the right thing.

4 Feb, 2013


Looking forward to your cactus pics :o)

4 Feb, 2013


It's a relief to see the longer daylight hours isn't it.
I'm pleased to hear you went to Lanzarote and had a nice time :o) I would have loved to see those cacti. As you know I am mad about them lol ...

4 Feb, 2013


I'm pleased you had a nice winter break ,you have our spring to look forward to now , Yes I'm looking forward to seeing the pics as well ....

5 Feb, 2013


glad you enjoyed your break Driad, look forward to seeing the pics to :o))

5 Feb, 2013


Thanks for the reassurance about the tree , Steragram , lots of people have expressed that we shouldn't do it .
Now you know my problems with loading pics on here , I took them with my disposable camera ( to my shame ) I'm really not progressing in that department !
I'll have a go when the disc returns , maybe tomorrow ( that's NOT manana).
Thanks for your good wishes Hwyel , Terra , Amy and Sandbaz . I hope that that you all feel well , too .

5 Feb, 2013


Thank you yes I am well :o))
I think you should get rid of the tree if it is causing a problem. We should not have to put up with things that cause problems.

5 Feb, 2013



6 Feb, 2013

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