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Heuchera Survival


By dorjac


From last autumn and through the winter I laboured to clear Allium Cowanei out of a low stone circle at the back of the garden. Sun in the morning and dappled shade from about 1pm depending on season. I chopped up ailing Petite Marbled Burgundy into small sprigs and put them in one pot and stood them on cleared soil in the circle. Others followed, as and when I could get into the garden. I have been collecting Heucheras for some time and they get very tatty as time goes by. However they are resilient plants. If the vine weevils have visited my OH said drown them! Trug of butt water, and completely sink them for a day or two, they love it. Pot up and place in circle.

This is the circle with the sun behind me. Very shaded at the back by a Hazel and a Laburnum.

Sun is on my left side and this is the front of the circle.

Stoplight from a visit to Beth Chatto’s garden never did well in a pot. In the ground it has grown so fast and lovely bright colours. Berry Smoothie to the left quickly went too tall in the middle in a pot but loves it in the ground.

Petit Marbled Burgundy surrounding Beauty Colour, one of my older plants. This is still thriving next to Jade Gloss in big pots on my patio. PMB is another plant that takes to root easily. Small compact and blooms on and on once started and dead headed. A whole pot full of sprigs have taken really well. A small, recently planted sprig of Capuchino is doing well next to Beauty colour.

Firefly, looking about tatty in a pot on stilts in under the wire obelisk. There is one in the ground over winter. They have lots of bright red flowers and go back a longish way. I got this from RHS garden at Hyde Hall.

This is a pot of Rave On standing on the circle stones It collapsed with Heuchera rust soon after I bought it. I chopped it right back and kept spraying with Rose Clear and put it away under a transparent orchid pot. It grew back and then I took slips off and they are were in flower for several weeks. Will transfere them soon into the soil.

Berry smoothie grew huge in a big pot last year then collapsed with vine weevil. Soaked and split and 2 good plants out that and the leggy original discarded

Ruffle edged Marmalade rescue sprigs planted quite recently. Found the top of the plant half way down the garden. The original is in a pot on the patio and doing well but only a shadow of its former self.

A hunk of a plant. Plum pudding, bought recently at the Essex show. Very few Heuchera there to choose from. This was hidden under a bench and cost £4. My only purchase on the day, apart from some sausages in the sports hall!

Here is a large pot of Capuchino Heuchera awaiting rescue. A severe case of plant depression. Requires depotting. A good soak. Sprigs taken and see how it goes. The pot is distressed as well with frost damge several years ago and rescued with a slot of plastic compost bag to line the broken edge.

On a more cheerful note Alabama Sunrise from Harlow garden centre. I thought it might be a nice contrast with the blue fence and my rugby league team colours too.

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Interesting blog Dorjac. So do you soak the whole pot when you find the VW. in it, and does that get rid of them. I have never tried that, its a much easier way to deal with it, although I usually put the whole thing in the bin after sorting out the grubs which I give to the birds. You have some nice plants there, most of which I have myself.

25 May, 2013


I love your varieties, I just got a really dark one called Obsidian......

Your advice is really welcome will put itvinto my favorites for future reference

25 May, 2013


Great blog, love the heucheras. Added to favourites.

25 May, 2013


Your stone circle is looking good, Dorjac, with all your saved heuchera plants. I have been doing the same, dividing and replanting my collection. I like the idea of dunking the pots to get rid of the grubs - I emptied all my pots out and replaced the compost - very time consuming but the birds enjoyed the feast. I have one which seems prone to rust so I will give it a dose of rose clear - I've just been picking off the affected leaves. Very helpful blog, thank you :)

25 May, 2013


It depends on pot size what gets done Cinders. I dug out one large one to what was left of the root system and was trying to search for grubs when OH suggested a long soak to drown the little munchers. Others have suggested earlier to give the bare root a thorough wash and then repot with fresh soil. Several of my pots are too big to soak. Nice to hear from you Gee. I am really pleased with the way the circle has pepped up the Heucheras. I only ever had one in the ground before and it got swamped by the plants near to it. Some roundabouts near us are planted with heucheras and they do really well in a tough environment. Thanks Louisa. Nice of you to Fave my blog.
I see that Plantagogo got a gold medal at Chelsea this time round.

25 May, 2013


I saw the short interview with Vicki, a display from another nursery had some lovely new varieties

26 May, 2013


Love all your Heucheras, think that Berry Smopthie is my favourite a stunning colour, thanks for sharing your great collection;0)

26 May, 2013


great to see the circle looking so good, DJ, you've been clearwing those pesty plants out for ages! It's so encouraging to someone who's only just discovered Heucheras, I'm putting this in my faves so I'll be able to find it as often as I need - or want!

27 May, 2013


Via Fran155's comment, I've found this blog. Wonderful! Gone into my Favourites file for future reference. Do you think it's too late to try digging up established heucheras and splitting them? I've got various types which I believe are Marmalade, Berry smoothie, Palace Purple and another I can't put a name to, and I am very anxious to propagate them, but I don't want to disturb them if it means I might lose them. Your's are simply beautiful - such vibrant colours. I want them ALL. NOW. :o)

7 Jun, 2013


I've just tried splitting one of mine, Gattina, though it was in a pot - got 8 babes out of it, fingers crossed for them. They were Plum Pudding, bought three or so years ago at Lidl. I've not touched the other Heucheras that GoYers very generously sent me; will need to repot them soon, but won't try anything more ambitious until they're bigger.

Maybe you could experiment cauitiously with one (if you've got more than one of that kind, just in case), and see how it goes.

7 Jun, 2013


I have just thrown the big dried up Heuchera Cappuchino away I just turned it out of of its pot and it was beyond rescue. I have 2 slips of it growing so it really was not worth it. Tiramisu is slowly getting more leaves. If you have a mature plant with lots of side growths Gattina try carefully pulling one away. You may get a bit of root with it. Small pot, fresh soil and put in a shady place, cover over with a transparent orchid pot to conserve moisture and just wait. Recently I took one out of a crack in the patio. Poked it into a pot and it seems OK. It had a tiny bit of root. They are very tough. Must have seeded itself there.

8 Jun, 2013


There's the rub, Dorjac - I'm not entirely sure what constitutes "mature". I'm loth to try cutting bits off a plant that's still trying to establish itself. I shall have a good root around the base of it tomorrow and see what I can find. Thanks for the guidance.

8 Jun, 2013


My Heuchera was about three years old; I assumed that was "mature" - I broke it apart as gently as I could, letting the clumps fall as they chose, which is why they're various sizes now.

9 Jun, 2013

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