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Mid March madness


By dorjac


This is the second attempt on the Mac computer. My familiar windows one was playing up Never done a blog on this one. Hope to get it back off a friend tomorrow in working order. It is mad and bad this mid March. Freezing, blustery easterly wind. Light snow all sunday. The Hellebores and my brave Early Harvest tulips bowed low before the fierce frost. Spooky the street moggie was sniffing along the front of the workshop. I wonder if she had sussed out a fox under there. I did some work at the front of the workshop and a dainty pretty little she fox with dark legs ran from the back, at 11am, stared at me, as they do, and went next door. Enough time to see no enlarged teats….so no cubs. So I got behind and blocked up her access….for those who worry…a board can be removed from the front on cuphooks and there is another way out. We are old fox denning hands. If cubs play in our 50ft by 40ft garden it is wrecked at the prettiest time of the year. Spooky had a warm up in the sunshine on the doormat then asked to leave, after refusing a bit of sausage.

An earlier photo of Spooky asking to leave after a warm up. She is very intelligent, well fed by a lady next door, and very feisty if touched. No fixed abode. Tough as old boots. The birds ignore her till she is very near. They seem to know she isn’t interested in ornithology.

My poor Early Harvest tulips bowed down overnight. They have been showing colour for about a month. They colour up as they leave the ground and then grow taller over time. I first saw them at RHS Hyde Hall. Looked them up on the internet and ordered them early. A good purchase.

My best coloured Hellebore is also bowed down before Jack Frost and slower to recover, as she is in the shade till later on.

The Early Harvest tulips have sorted themselves out in the sunshine. Now more or less upright.

Finally these twisted dried leaves blew off the shrub (can’t think of the name)? Philodendron, next door into the sideway. I think I feel a colour pencil project coming on. Lots of subtle colours and twists and turns. An ill wind blows you some good, on occasions.

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Great to see your tulips recovering Dorjac - your hellebores are looking exactly like mine!
What a lovely looking cat that is. Those fox cubs can make a mess can't they!!

12 Mar, 2013


I have a part in the garden that was getting trodden down and my fern was all broken, also some earth had been dragged away to create a hole under the fence into next door, I blamed my dogs even though it has never happened before but later spotted what I thought was a very large ginger tom run behind my greenhouse, it turned out to be fox and my neighbour has a photo of it eating a chicken in her garden, we haven't a clue where it pinched that from, thats the first time in over 40yrs that we have ever seen a fox in our gardens so were completely shocked, hoping its returned to wherever it came from....
Spooky is a pretty cat and reminds me of our Tipsy when she is asking for something, she is also very feisty if you dare to touch her, its definitely at ones peril, lol.
Your hellebores look like mine did this morning when they emerged as the snow went and pleased to say my daffs reacted like your lovely tulips and started to stand proud again....

12 Mar, 2013


I also planted 'Early Harvest' tulips for this Spring, but only small shoots showing so far

12 Mar, 2013


Perhaps it is that much further north Motinot. You say you are in Northern Ireland. My brother is near Liverpool and he planted some too. They are not showing colour yet either. Here in essex it has been cold, but further north you go the later the seasons.

13 Mar, 2013

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