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Hyde Hall in mid September


By dorjac


The weather was perfect for an autumn visit to Hyde Hall. 70 degrees in old money, sunny, and gentle breezes. Hyde Hall is the Essex branch of an RHS garden, open, now, all the year round. My OH stays in the car due to disability. He comes along for some food but after that returns to the car. A lot of work has gone on since our last visit in Spring. Early Harvest tulips about to be planted as a result of that visit. The disability pickup point has been moved be at the end of a new garden area next to the shop/garden centre/cafe. This is still under construction as a cottage garden and modern garden. So no pictures.

This insect hotel is a feature a lot of us GOY people do in various ways. I have informal small wood/junk piles under Choisya and a camellia, composed of much the same garden discards.
Following a sign to Beehives I went into an area not explored before, and found them, but not photogenic because of long grass and netting.

So I meandered my way over to the colour keyed perennial garden bays. Sheltered by clipped yew dividers. These are very well done and the silver and maroon bay was the best. Photos not easy due to position of the sun. Lots of ideas for lovers of perennials here.

On the way there there were a lot of colourful butterflies hovering around a big bed of Cone flowers(Echinacea?)They were not shy and I took the pictures easily. One shut its wings and I did a retake.

This butterfly is the one that closed its wings. I thought it would fly off but the nectar was too sweet. ID Small tortoiseshell. Apparently under threat, as its season mirrors that of a parasitic fly. Not all OUR fault then?.

Another one flew on to a convenient to reach flower so that went in the camera too. Lovely lot of colourful butterflies here, even if not at home.

On the way out now. Through the new part of the dry garden. Stately Kniphofia Caulescens on a corner near the narrow roadway. Late blooming. Wonderful glaucus leaves. Strong, thick short stems….gives me ideas for a clear out in a certain place.

A magnificent Verbascum Bombiwhatnot in the older dry garden. Hyde hall is very dry indeed. The idea spread from Beth Chatto’s to Hyde Hall to put in a garden in that is not watered. Well it was very well watered until a while ago, now looks overloaded. That weather was gross anyway. No doubt it will be sorted out. Good to establish the new section which looks great.

A group of ladies making their way round the dry garden and keeping close in case they get lost.

A real sign of autumn. Lovely luscious Rose hips in an island bed in one of the hillside lawns. Essex isn’t all flat.

A subtle lichen on a tree trunk…..make a nice tasteful fabric pattern. These trees, in long rows, were planted when OH and I were volunteering in the library at Hyde Hall. The first dry garden was planted at that time as well. That’s it folks. I walked up and around and back down to the car…..tired but pleased.

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What a lovely visit and photos. We have never been there.

14 Sep, 2012


Thanks for posting your gorgeous photos Dorjak. Willinilli and I are off on a coach trip to Hyde Hall tomorrow. Ive not been for a year so am looking forward to seeing all the new areas. It wont be a long visit as were going to Beth Chattos garden too. Have you been to that one?

14 Sep, 2012


Very nice pictures Dorjac. Enjoyed your visit.

14 Sep, 2012


That is a skyscraper hotel and so many different facilities, what more could a bug wish for, lovely pics Dorjac, I really like that border and the dry garden, so good to see the butterflies as well, thankyou for sharing your visit..

14 Sep, 2012


Those are lovely pictures Dorjac, I enjoyed this blog.
A shame your OH can't get about to enjoy it as much as you.
Lovely butterfly shots - I actually caught a picture of the fly whose larvae affects the Small Tortioseshell Butterfly. A horrid looking bearded fly. I wasn't sure what it was until I tried to id.
Thank you for sharing your day out :)

14 Sep, 2012


I have been to Beth Chatto's garden several times Poppylover, including the 2nd year of her dry was spectacular. Later I saw it after a terrible drought and it was done to a crisp. Her ponds dried up, it was awful. It is a gentle, personal garden to visit, so pretty, she is such a gifted lady. I love her woodland garden too. Hyde Hall is more corporate and spread out, but trying very hard to make itself a good visit. Scottish it is so sad that these pretty insects have other insects preying on them. Why don't they choose slugs and we would all cheer.

14 Sep, 2012


Interesting photos - I like the lichen. Its great when you can discover beauty in unexpected places.

14 Sep, 2012


You took great photos ... smashing blog :o)

17 Sep, 2012

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