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Veronicastrum Culvers Root


By dorjac


There was a question about fasciation in a Veronicastrum. My plant has grown really high (nearly six foot) this year and has several fasciated shoots. It grows up from nothing, as it is below ground over winter. It has good Autumn leaf colour. So I thought I would put up some pics of it. Last year it was very dry, half the height, and no fasciations. Although it is huge, and has to be tethered to two apple trees….. I do rather like it. It has taken many years to get to this size and height. Not to everyone’s taste, as so tall My border is a bit different anyway, as it is also an orchard. It has also crept more forward from where it was originally planted.

The fasciated frond is to the right of the plant

Two more general views to get a sense of scale!

A close up of the curious shapes that can occure on this variety of Veronicastrum. In other years the shapes have been broader and more twisted.

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Hi Dorjac...
that's a fascinating shrub...
.. and those shapes which appear are weird aren't they !

20 Jul, 2012


Blimey, have not seen one off them before !!!

20 Jul, 2012


What a whopper! Lovely colour too - is it scented?

20 Jul, 2012


Thank you for showing these pics Dorjac. I have 3 different Veronicastrums in my garden. Mere tiddlers compared to that clump you have there. I keep willing mine to bulk up and i hope they do soon. Havent seen any fasciation on my plants yet but what i have noticed is that V. Virginicum Apollo doesnt have any bendy out flower shoots this year yet in previous years it has.
Thanks again :)

20 Jul, 2012


I have given roots away to people. They have grown large like this plant, and fasciated as well Scottish. Considering it competes with some hunky pyramid apple trees its amazing its grown so bulky and tall. It goes right out of view over the winter. Normally our Essex garden is very dry this time of the year. The other thing it does is hang its head when the sun gets onto it on a warmer day.

It is not scented Steragram but it attracts bees in droves. Possibly better than Verbascun Bonariensis and Buddleja. Probably not grown much because of its size and bulk but only gets large very slowly and not invasive either.

21 Jul, 2012


love that plant and its size!
and very striking in front of that blue shed.

21 Jul, 2012


Thanks for that Dorjac....I agree too..always plenty of bees and hoverflies visiting it!

21 Jul, 2012


Fascinating :o) and what big plant. I hope mine doesn't get like that lol

21 Jul, 2012


It has taken a long time Hywell.....well over ten years or so. Plenty of time to split and start over. Last year it was half the size and the border like a desert. I keep it cos the bees love it and come in droves. I try to keep the garden as wild life friendly as possible.

22 Jul, 2012


Never heard of this plant before, it certainly is large but beautiful too, and fascinating with the strange shapes.

27 Jul, 2012

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