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Silver Birch


Beautiful trees but I hate them with a vengeance! Four hours raking up the leaves today but I don’t like to think of the number of hours over the last couple of weeks that have been spent raking the damned leaves up. They clog up the gutters and drains, the seeds and catkins get everywhere and, back to the leaves, the trees seem to take forever and a day to be completely free of them. And the little twigs that get snapped off in the wind are a real pain when you’re trying to rake. It wouldn’t be so bad, but they’re not even my b****y trees!

Pleeease, if you have any choice, don’t plant silver birch in a general sized suburban garden (unless you and your neighbours want hours of work that is!)

Moan for the day over…

Hope your weather is as glorious as mine. Very mild and sunny. I even sat out and had my sandwich lunch at the garden table wearing only a sweater. Wonderful. Brother Cadfael rose still throwing up blooms, Rosa Bonica looking beautiful as does Rose The Fairy. Heucheras still flowering as is Bowles Mauve and even the scabacious has got new flowers.

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Oh the joys of gardening...Diggin, you have my sympathy. We have a huge cherry which towers over our garden, from next door, a constant bone of contention, petals, cherry stones, leaves...
Snoopdog; great idea, if the leaves are on the lawn, but what if you're like lawn only gravel paths and flower beds?

9 Dec, 2013


I hope your leaves will all have fallen soon, but I think they're taking longer this year.
I suck mine up into a garden hoover lol It's easier :o)

We've had a lovely day here in Wales too, mild and sunny ... and if the winter remains like this I shall be very happy :o))

9 Dec, 2013


Oh I know all about leaves, I have a love/hate relationship with the Weeping Willow at the bottom of my garden, at the moment I want the darn thing gone but love it when its summer and providing me with shade and privacy, my bottom lawn is yellow again so I will be walking out with the mower yet again....
Very mild here as well and its surprising how many flowers are still carrying on, you do not expect to still be deadheading in December.....

9 Dec, 2013


We are surrounded by mature sycamores, none of them ours, and yes collecting the leaves can be a pain. But they have improved the soil texture no end since we've been here, and the shape of the bare ones in winter is wonderful.The twigs that fall make excellent firelighters and we get lots of entertainment from the rookery in Spring (in spite of the noise!) I love trees and will forgive them a lot - count your blessings folks! And without the trees we would have no woodpecker and no nuthatch. We will say nothing about the can't win em all.
Waddy, so are so lucky having a glorious cherry almost in your garden - there are very few round here and I miss them.

10 Dec, 2013


lol, we are surrounded by and 80 acre woodland, mainly oak but silver birch, ash and hawthorn, all of which flutter their leaves into the garden, but eh ho one of the blessings of the very high wind was that they blew into the wire fence and off the garden so not many left now to clear away. The biggest pain in my garden is the leaves from the Magnolia which are very leathery. But after saying that a good rake and they are gone. I can see buds developing on the Magnolia and the cycle starts again. lol. Keep sweeping guys and gals it helps keep us all fit. lol.

11 Dec, 2013


One day we'll get you onto a few flowers Snoop...

12 Dec, 2013

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