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Now this a real worry folks


I have just received the message below in my private inbox. Any ideas as to what I can do about this. The member photo and name who it came from is Veena55.
(The message you see here has been cut and pasted

Hi dearest one,

Compliment of the day

My name is Miss Vena Henry,a young girl from Ghana.Are you a God fearing fellow? I know that you may be surprise while I am asking you this question, because I have been in hell since the death of my parents and what my eyes have seen through my wicked uncle made me to fear any one I come across and i even questioning my aeon earth, please consider my situation.

I am the only surviving child to late Mr/Mrs Henry Koben. My parents were famous farmers specialised in cocoa and gold business when they were alive. After the death of my mother, my father took over the family business alone until he was poisoned by his business associate after he was given the chairman of the association in Accra known as the economic capital which he suffered the sickness and died recently. I am presently living alone in my country as an orphan.

Before his death in a private hospital when i came back from Liberia where am schooling, he called me and told me about the sum of five million seven hundred thousand US dollars ($5.7 million) he left in a fixed account in a bank here in my country, It was the money he intended to transfer overseas for foreign investment before he was poisoned.
Now i am facing a hell of pressures in my country now and the people who poisoned my father is after my life. I have been severely attacked by unknown gun men in the formal hotel where i been hiding ,right now two young girl had been killed by this assassins in that hotel as a mistaken of identity.

To will invest the money in any business you know well in your country, I am willing to offer you 30% of the total money as a reward for your assistance in the transfer and we shall discuses your percents in any profits of the investments.
Please I want you to contact me
for morn info EMAIL- (

Thanks Yours, Vena.

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You should flag it straight away to the Administrators...then ignore it. It sounds very much like a scam to me...

28 May, 2011


Don't worry Puddleduck I realise it is spam. I'm just concerned that it has come through GOY with bonefide looking picture to go with the messgage. I've already contacted the 'Contact us' bit of the GOY website.

28 May, 2011


Stay WELL CLEAR of this digginfit. Don't like the sound of that at all!
It has to be a complete scam, similar cons have happened in our country for years, people end up loosing thousands, delete it now!

28 May, 2011


It's ok folks I realise all this is a scam - but how can they get through to do this on GOY with what looks like a bonefide photo and username. It has been flagged to the administrators. And I have not clicked on the profile picture for the person.

However for now STEER CLEAR OF ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM VENA55. If you receive anything it is likely to come through to your private mailbox.

28 May, 2011


apparantly they tend to get onto the site at night and have probably left by the morning ~ there have been others ~ its easy enough to get onto sites.
i hate stuff like this ~ thanks for warning us, the most worrying thing is that some people may believe them and send money.
when you read it its almost as if they are copying out a script.
well done for flaggin this. lets hope there are not too many more.

28 May, 2011


I agree with Sticki,as sometimes I am up very early,and although I haven't had one of these,I have seen other things that have been posted overnight,and flagged them immediately..mainly advertising..I'm sure most of us would recognise this for what it is,but its good to tell us,so we can be aware of these scams..Peter and Ajay are very good at removing them quickly,if inappropriate...

28 May, 2011


don't muddle with vena55 who has posted some nice lily pictures today -probably where they got the name from.

28 May, 2011


Wipe it .......this person has tried to make contact with me too.Report it to Peter and Ajay.......but just delete it......

28 May, 2011


flag this straight away if you have not already done it, I have received two similar from others in the pass, they are sickos.

29 May, 2011


You'll always get these idiots. They've lost the plot somewhere along the line obviously. Flag it imediately. I've had them aswell but not this time I'm glad to say :o((

29 May, 2011


i noticed a comment on someones blog by this particular person ~ they only said 'ok' which didnt particularly fit with the blog.

29 May, 2011

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