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By derekm


My wife was taken out today by her daughters, so having a few hours free, I decided to go to 1 of my favourite local nurseries, I had decided to get 1 or 2 herbaceous Clematis, and as they’re supposed to be Clematis specialist’s, expected to have no problem, I arrived at the nursery, and went straight to their very large Clematis section, and started looking for what I wanted, as I couldn’t find what I was after, I asked 1 of the staff where their herbaceous Clematis were,{blank look}, then he thought they may have some in another section, more climbers,he finally admitted they didn’t have any, and in fact he had never even heard of herbaceous clematis, that’s a specialist nursery for you, so I bought 2 Skimmia japonica ‘rubella’ which had caught my eye, and left very disappointed, I’ll have to try the more expensive garden centres, I may be lucky at 1 of them, Derek.

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Derek - if you buy plants online, I can recommend Taylor's Clematis. Strong plants and fast service.

18 Mar, 2016


Yes, I agree - or Thorncrofts. I've used both.

19 Mar, 2016


Thank you Andrew and Spritz, if I can't find any locally, I'll try them, I'll have a look at the sites anyway, Derek.

19 Mar, 2016


Yes, they do seem to be difficult to find. I had two absolute beauties at my old house.i left all the plants int the garden as the purchasers insisted they wanted the garden to stay as it was because they like gardening. A few months later, all the plants had gone from the large front garden and it's covered in block pavers like a car park with space for 12/15 cars. Such a shame. Mind you, not sure they would like my claggy clay.

21 Mar, 2016


Hi Paul, it sounds as if they're gardeners, but only if their soil is like potting compost, 12/15 cars, that must have been a massive garden, Derek.

21 Mar, 2016


IT was huge fr a front garden Derek...and, although I say it myself.......many people used to admire all the colour as they walked past(it was on a corner) .and, I loved being out there and chatting to passers by/neighbours.It was a huge task to dig and plant it then maintain it for 10 years but it was a labour of love.
I can't understand why they would want so much hard standing area I front of the house and now they have staretdexteodning the house into the back garden and the side garden where my verb patch/potting shed were is more like a builders yard now.Oh well, each to his own.
I've now started all over again in my new but much smaller garden!

21 Mar, 2016


Hi Paul, sounds beautiful, and you should be rightly proud of it, they probably thought the same when they first saw it, which is why they asked you to leave it as it was, then they found out what hard work a garden takes to keep it looking good, they probably thought they wouldn't have to do anything, and it would just stay looking good, {if only}, but there again, it would be very boring, but I wouldn't like all that paving, Derek.

22 Mar, 2016


No....I'd find it very depressing and, not good for the rain water running awY either.

22 Mar, 2016

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