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first garden second day


By dan6978


Well done a bit more today not as much as i would of liked but i did do some.
After spending over an hour talking to the neighbour the wife decides to go look around a garden center not to buy anything just to look and get an idea on cost of plants etc. We talked and she thought she had come up with a brilliant idea buy plastic flowers and put them with the real flowers. Whats the point of doing a garden if you put plastic flowers in it. any way getting of topic this is the garden so far

This is the first half dug over as you can see not much space between the hedge and the path which goes all around the garden if i could find something to go at the bottom of the hedge that would be great

Still have a lot to do as you can see before im any way near for planting

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Oh no not plastic flowers .

Dan Rome was not built in a day nor a garden and one thing dont over do or it will be come a chore not a pleasure.

You have your shape an your path around.

How about crushed slat or pebbles under the hedge and concentrate with colour planting in the square .

Have a theme red white and blue summer bedding is in for the Jubilea lots of nice plants.

Or pots of colour in each corner.

Well done.

11 May, 2012


The shape enclosed by the path is a really nice shape. And, the outside of that curve where there appears to be a sort of small circle would be a great place for a big pot with a good big plant in it, maybe a flowering shrub? Just thinking aloud here, you understand......

11 May, 2012


Good luck with the rest of the work.
I hate plastic flowers. I think the best place for them is in the bin.

11 May, 2012


it will be lovely to see how you develop this, welcome to GoY

are you wanting a tall or a small plant in front of the hedge?

11 May, 2012


A Nancy Evans Rhod in a pot or in the ground.

And I am sure some of us could give you cuttings.

11 May, 2012


nothing to big just big enough to take your eye away from the bottom of the hedge.

11 May, 2012


have a peep in your neighbours gardens because it will help you to know what grows well in the type of soil you have.

is there lots of sun in that area?

another possibility might be to grow clematis montana and let it climb all over the hedge???

11 May, 2012


How about growing something over the hedge? Like a Clamatis Montana? I'm new to gardening too, started a couple of months ago but have been running with it, lol.

11 May, 2012


thanks for the idea's on clematis montana just seen a pic of itand will need to think about it

11 May, 2012


It can go a bit mad but it's pretty at this time of the year. Is it dry and shady there?
Some ferns, and hostas may be ok there?

11 May, 2012


what about ferns or and hostas of all different greens and sizes,sorry big hosta fan,and welcome to goy and enjoy your garden

12 May, 2012


Time for a morning cuppa then off to the tip

12 May, 2012


Just got here dan..from todays blog day 4..So I have come to the begining first...Welcome to GoY.

13 May, 2012

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