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First time gardening day 14


By dan6978


Well it’s been a week since i last wrote on the progress of the garden and now it’s all done. I can sit back and watch as all my hard work starts to grow. Some of it already has started. Now i just need to wait for the rest to grow. You might all be woundering what i have done, what have i put in and what will it look like when it’s done. (thats the one im most intested in) I have put a vew plants in and a lot of seeds and bulbs. Well here comes a long list.
Flowering Cherry, 6 Mixed Herbs, Dahlia Canary, Chrysanthemum, Nasturtium, Rudbeckia Green Wizard, Anemone De Caen, A Wildlife Attracting Mix, Sunflower, Nigella, Candytuft, French Bonita Mixed, Lupin, Wallflower, A Dwarf Annual Flower Mix, Striped Caterpillars, Cornflower, Marigold, Convolvulus Royal Ensign, A Sea of White Mixed Annuals, Sweet Sultan, 1 Unknow Plant, Sweet William, Poached Egg Flower, Pansy, Poppy, Strawflower, Scadoxus Multiflorus, Tigridia, Freesia Double Mixed, Celosia, Ruby Wedding Rose, Golden Wedding Rose, Miniature Rose, Rhododendron and a hosta. Thats quite a list (opps forgot some) Echinops, Gypsophylla, Paeonia, Alecea Rosea, Aster Dumosus and a Aquilegia. I think thats it now. Well here are some photos showing the progress

As you can see i have put the rose bushes in the center of the big squares all the seeds are than scattered around in the big squares and the long strip. At one end of the strip i have put the Rhododendron and i have not put anything at the other end yet as that i where i plan on putting my Hosta that im trying to grow (Thats another one i forgot to mention).
The center piece took us a lot of time to think about (also argue about) but we managed to find something that works

As you can see the planter i started with at the begining is now starting to show some life.

Well thats about it for now will keep you all informed on how it looks along with pictures. For thoses that are intrested in whether I cleaned out the shed I did’nt I opened the door than closed it again very quickly.

Just checked and i have used a photo twice sorry about that but im just to tired to take it out and change it.

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love the smiley stone and well done, i will be watching closely for signs of life over the next few weeks

23 May, 2012


Well done in all your hard work Dan.

Its going to look great when all is in bloom.

23 May, 2012


I like the shape of your garden, looks like you have put a lot of hard work in to it. Looking forward to seeing it when everything is growing..The smiley stone is great and the centre piece works nicely..

23 May, 2012


That will look a treat when they grow Dan, you have done well, my sheds have to wait until the garden is sorted, its gets done that way every year, trouble is I then spend the winter filling them up again...

24 May, 2012

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