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First time gardening


By dan6978


Well where do i start (I know) I cut the hedge and mowed the grass first time in nearly 2 years. (Only took wife 1 year of moaning about it to get me to do it)

Next step is to work out what to do now.

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Welcome to GOY Dan.....the question is ''where do you want to start next?" :))
Do you have any ideas on what you would like to achieve - you will get lots of advice.

10 May, 2012


welcome to GoY Dan. well where do you start.? its a problem and a half. you need to decide what you and the good lady wife want fro your space. then look at the many photos on here to get some ideas. Do want seating, barbeque, flowers, vegs etc? do you have dogs/cats/children etc as that will alter how you use the garden. Do you want to encourage in birds and woodlice?

sorry about all the questions but when you know what you want from the garden you can then start planning it.

dont be shy about asking questions either.

10 May, 2012


This is the front garden so no worries of kids they play out the worries on dogs but do have stray cats most daysso no inticeing the birds Can't get rid of the hedges which means it is shaded most of the day. Being on the street i dont want much furniture in the garden as it's not nailed down.
Was thinking of flowers or somthing to brighten it up and make it welcoming as you walk in the house. Havent got the first clue as to what type of flowers or layout just know i have put it off for few last 3 years and now it's time it needs doing. Going to dig it over tommrow so i know what area i have to work with (only found out tonight i have a path right around the edge of the garden)
plus whille im doing this grden the misses is'nt moaning at me to do the back garden which is bigger and a lot more needs doing.

10 May, 2012


Have a look around some gardens near you and pick out some things you like. That way, you know they can grow where you are, too.
Also, have a nosey around a garden centre to see what's on the go for this time of the year. You might find plants you like there, too, even if you're not ready to be buying them yet.
As a start, you could maybe put a pot of something pretty by the front door? Needn't be anything ambitious - some pansies or violas maybe......

10 May, 2012


Well at least you have made a start,so you are perhaps ok and in good books for a while, you could have a look at some of the pics on here to get some ideas, good luck with it anyway and keep us posted, we do like to see how people progress especially if its a new garden ....

10 May, 2012


First may I welcome you to Goy Dan.

Everyone has said what I would say .

So this project is going to be a challenge .

But a worthwhile challenge.

Is the soil good?

Do you have grass at front ?

How big is the area.

First draw a plan and take before and after photo.

So we are looking forward to Part 2 blog.

You could have raised beds planted out .

For veg or flowers.

If you are looking for a Statement Colour for your garden a must have Nancy Evans Rhod .

You can see my photo I only bought on Sat and the colour change is amazing.

Clematis is back garden .

I dont want to bombard you .

Good luck and remember a garden is to be loved and enjoyed not a chore.

11 May, 2012


It would also be a good idea - since the garden has been over grown for a while - to add some nutrients back into the soil before you get ready to plant. There are ready made products you can buy at GCs to help with this.
As Ojibway has already suggested look around at your neighbourhood and see what grows. If you see something you like - but don't know or cant find out what it is - perhaps ask the person who the plants belong to or ask permission to take pictures and you can get help in identifying.
My brother was at this stage last year - and after buying too many plants which looked good in the GC he has now learned that he needs to grow what is suited. An expensive lesson for him!!

11 May, 2012


its looking good sounds as if it will be very colourfull before long

24 May, 2012

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